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Had lap today- confused


Had my lap this morning. Last time my endo was all right sided which is where my pain is but this time the right side was okay but it's all on the left side near to my bowel. I'm worried now it's not going to have improved my pain at all :( has anyone else had the same outcome xx

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I'm not entirely sure I don't have my follow up for a couple of months! I assume they're waiting to see what happens x

Do you think the pain could be from previous lap? I had excision which I know was successful as I conceived my beautiful baby quickly after after years of trying, however I do still get some pain on my left side which is where the majority of mine was, which is though likely to be scare tissue which is tight.

This could be a point. I assume my consultant would have seen scar tissue if it was there so would be worth asking at the follow up x

It might be referred pain. My pain was mostly on the right but endo was only found on the left, but I've noticed a difference since my op on both sides not just the side where it was excised

Hi I had wondered about the referred pain. All i can remember him saying (I should receive the notes next week to clarify) is that there was none on the right side this time but instead on my left side right down near my bowel. I just find it really strange as I only get the odd twinge on the left hand side to be honest it's totally bareable on the left side but it's awful on the right. I get it deep in the right side of my pelvis and then down the front of my thigh and often in my knee and ankle and also my right bum cheek. I'm just hoping the bit he has removed will help cut down my periods from being 15 days long. This is the 2nd surgery I've had and I've had the mirena coil fitted back in July. And I'm so worried they're going to say that there's nothing else they can do. We are currently saving for ivf with the main issue being male factor (apparently where my endo is it shouldn't cause conception issues and I have a son from previous) but I just feel like stopping the hormones (coil) for a slim chance of a natural conception isn't feasible. I just feel frustrated and don't know what else I can do x

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