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Clear ovarian ultrasound but the pain is terrible, does anyone have any advice? Feel so down :(

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Hi all,

I feel like I post on here too much, sorry!

I have suspected Endo and had an ovarian ultrasound a couple of months back, and it came back clear (No cysts or visible tissue there) which is great. But I have had pain in my right side ovary area for years, and I still have it. I don’t dispute the scan at all, but what else could be causing it? I have constant pelvic ‘fullness’ and pain. Shooting pains, dull pains - the lot. I have back pain, and it’s specifically bad on that side.

My GP is great, but doesn’t think my back pain and suspected Endo are linked, he thinks they’re two separate things.

Basically I feel like I’m going mad and getting nowhere. I hate going to the GP as I just feel like they think I’m making it up.

He put me on Desogesterol and as mentioned on my previous post I’m still getting the same pains (the vaginal shooting pains are particularly bad today).

I feel like I have nobody to answer my questions or to understand me, I’m so down.

Any advice would be great xx

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From my understanding Endo won’t show on a scan, they have to take a look to see it. Not sure what they covered in your scan.

Had lap last month, confirmed and treated, but also other things, so back pain could be to do with that.

Sounds like you need further advice, was it a gynaecologist who did the scan?

Don’t worry about going back, I went umpteen times last year with aim of getting answers.

Hope you get it checked and on the road to recovery

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No I haven’t been referred to a gynaecologist yet. He’s trying me on the Desogesterol first.

Do you feel better after your lap? I hope so xx

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Moon_maiden in reply to MargaCav

I’m on desogesterol as well, since fibroids seen, it’s helped with balancing emotions, not much else.

As others have said ask for the referral, don’t wait, it’ll take time to sort appointment, you don’t want to eat into that. Time gets to be very precious in this mix.

If the GP suspects they should have done it already.

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Moon_maiden in reply to MargaCav

Whilst I think of, I remember reading info in one of the online newspapers that surgeries receive other funding if they cut down on referrals. It was something like the Guardian. How much of that is true I’ve no idea.

Hiya lovely, I understand your frustration so much! However like moon_maiden has said below, I was also under the impression that endo can't be diagnosed through an ultrasound. I have had 2 scans on my ovaries before having a laparoscopy to diagnose endo - one scan was clear, one scan showed slightly thick ovaries which is an indicator of pcos apparently. When I questioned why the first scan was clear the nurse said it can be really hard to get a clear scan of the ovary and it all depends on where you are in your cycle amongst other things. So please try not to be disheartened! It could be that further investigations need to be done, I personally would request a referral to a gynaecologist, preferably one who has experience with endo, and see where you go from there :)

Basically, same as everyone else has said: endo generally doesn't show on ultrasound scans. I had one very quickly after mentioning my pain to the doctor and it all came back clear - had my laparoscopy a few months later and got a diagnosis!

I also get really bad back pain from my endo. I would always recommend getting a little TENS unit if possible - it can really help dull the pain. I got mine on Amazon.

Have your doctors mentioned getting a laparoscopy done at all?

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MargaCav in reply to QueenOfRats

My doctor is trying to avoid it at the moment, he’s put me on Desogesterol to see if my symptoms ease.

It sounds silly but I’m so scared of having it done and it coming back clear, I feel like they’d just think I was making it up.

I think I will have to look at a TENS machine, I need something for my back and pelvis. I can’t walk properly some days as the pain is so bad. Thank you x

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QueenOfRats in reply to MargaCav

That doesn't sound silly at all! I felt the same way before I had mine done. In fact, my gynaecologist just thought I had IBS!

I hope the TENS machine gives you some relief 💛 x

Like everyone else says... the only way to get endometriosis ruled out it’s getting a laparoscopy done... if you still continue to have sharp pain then you must go back so the gynaecologist investigates further!

All the best 💛


I had ovarian cysts on both of my ovaries which I had removed just over 2 weeks ago. It started of as a single cyst on one of my ovaries which they saw on an ultrasound scan. However, when they did a diagnostic laparoscopy, they found multiple ovarian cysts on both of my ovaries and my ovaries were stuck to my uterus. That just shows the difference between an ultrasound scan and diagnostic laparoscopy. I would strongly advise you to pressure your GP to help you get a diagnostic laparoscopy done because that is the only way endometriosis can be diagnosed properly. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling down, you have to sometimes be firm with your GP and tell them to refer you, rather than asking them. Be patient, hopefully things will get better for you 😊


I also suffered from back pain which was probably linked to the endo so your GP may be wrong

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