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Needing help with these symptoms


Hello i'm new to this and i've been told I could potentially have Endometriosis. I'm 17 years old and I started my period at age 10, ever since i've had heavy, painful periods. They were 7 days long but now they're 5 days. I track my period and I've currently been without my period for 45 days, and this happens a lot and I never know when my period is due. I get random pains that feel like shooting pains and stabbing pains throughout the year but whenever my periods about to come, I get pain that is unbearable to the point that I can't sit down nor lay down, and it only slightly feels better if I walk. It also hurts to pass urine, or opening bowel and it also hurts when I have a full bladder. Before, during and even after my period, the pain is horrible. I get leg pains, back pains, abdomen pains etc and my periods always clotted. I'm not sure what's going on, I'm just looking for some suggestions on what I should do, thank you.

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These sound a lot like my initial symptoms. I'd speak to your gp about your symptoms to see if they can suggest any treatment/pain relief.

Hope you get somewhere with it!

katielrx in reply to Hidden

Thank you for replying. i'm kind of worried about going because I'm kind of shy about these things. Hopefully he'll help, thank you again.

Hi Hun,

These sound a lot like initial symptoms- I would see your GP make sure you have a note down of all the symptoms your getting when your getting them for example after certain activities etc take someone with you to the appointment and don't be afraid to speak up talking openly is the only way of bringing the problem out into the open and getting the help that you need.

I really hope you get the help/advise needed this forum is brilliant and people are always here good luck xx

katielrx in reply to Joely21

I have really bad pain right now and I can't sit down or anything. It's got to the point where I can be in pain 2 weeks before my periods even started. I've always had heavy, painful and irregular periods. It feels like throbbing, stabbing etc when I move, pee, bowel movement etc. Thank you for your reply !! xx

Joely21 in reply to katielrx

Bless you I can sympathise I really can- make sure you take plenty of pain relief when are you next seeing your GP? It's not easy to talk about I appreciate that it's really hard just try your best to get your point across. I'm a shy person when it comes to doctors not wanting to tell them things, my Gp said to me the other day your such a lovely person but sometimes it's the people who shout the loudest which are heard the most- the more you say about the more they will listen xx

katielrx in reply to Joely21

I'm not properly familiar with Endometriosis but I tend to get my pain worse when i'm on my period ?? Like I tend to get pain 2 weeks before my period, during my period and after but it's not constantly everyday but I do get it throughout the year. I'm just scared my GP wont understand or listen. I've taken pain relief today and nothing's worked so i've kind of had to suck it up. My periods have always been messed up like before, I didn't have my period for 45 days but then the next time I didn't have it for 19 days ?? I missed a lot of school with my periods because the pain was unbearable. Also, I can't use a tampon because it just hurts so I don't know if that's anything to do with it ?? I'm not sure if these symptoms are symptoms of Endometriosis or not xx

Don't wait. See your GP and get a referral to a gynaecologist.

Good luck x

Thank you !! x

These symptoms sound a lot like mine, my periods are long approx 8 days and irregular an drew I have a lot of clotting too. I also have pain with urinating during my period and with full bladder but these symptoms have lessened since my laparoscopy. I think you probably need an investigatory lap to see if you have endometriosis but doctors will probably try some hormone treatments first like the pill to see if that can help. If it's affecting you so badly go back to your doctor and ask for a referral to a BSGE centre (better be seen by endometriosis centre than central gyno) also try and talk with your parents so they can support you when you go to doctors good luck xxx

katielrx in reply to Hanny101

I'm scared to go to the toilet because it hurts so much. I'm just pretty worried about it because this pain isn't normal. I've always had painful periods but recently they're been so so bad but I have unbearable pains right now and i'm not on my period. Thank you for your reply, i'll ask the doctor about a referral xxx

LISaprag in reply to katielrx

Did u get a referral

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