Getting married on Saturday & feeling low

Hi everyone. My endo symptoms appear to have come back right on time for my wedding on Saturday and I'm devastated. My back is hurting, the cramping and fatigue is horrible and I constantly feel sick with hot flushes. I don't really have time before the wedding to do much about it but knowing how brilliant you all are, I thought I'd post to people who know what this feels like. Xx

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Oh Anna, I'm so sorry you feel like this at the moment. I hope that these symptoms get better throughout the week so you can enjoy your special day. xx

Thank you, it's nice to be around people who understand! X

Oh AnnaB1979 I am so sorry to read this. That is so unfair, I m not surprised you feel like you do. Try not to panic. Is it possible that you may feel different by Saturday? I wonder if adrenaline may help you on the day? Could you try and get a last minute acupuncture appointment or hot stone massage to try and help you relax a bit? Feel free to pm me should you want to xxx

Aw you're lovely, thank you. I had a massage booked today but didn't feel well enough to get out of bed so have rescheduled it for Thursday. That'll be a nice treat. I'm banking on adrenaline and nice people to get me through Saturday so fingers crossed. Endometriosis is the worst... Thanks for being lovely. X

And maybe a glass or two of bubbly I hope, 😉! I will send a little prayer to the Endo Gods to give you a break for at least 24hrs. Congratulations in advance and best wishes for Saturday. Let us know how it goes x

Bubbly is a well know endo medicine! I'll be having some for sure. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the support. Xx

Hi my lovely. I really hope things improve for you by Saturday. Congratulations in advance and hope you have a fantastic day. Make sure you take time out to take it all in. It goes by so fast. Make some very beautiful memories.

Aw thank you, that's a really thoughtful reply. Hope you're doing ok. Xxx

Sorry yiu are feeling like this, I hope your symptoms improve as the week goes on. I know it's hard, especially when you are in pain but try not to worry about it and try and relax as much as possible before the big day and hopefully this will help. I do believe adrenaline will help you through the day and knowing you have all your friend and family around you to help share your special day will too. I hope you have a fantastic day xx

Thank you my love, really appreciate it. I knew the lovely people on here would cheer me up. Hope you're ok today. Xxx

So sorry to hear you all feeling this way. Not the same AT ALL but I had a party saturday and felt unwell. No one understands, they look you up and down and see you with a face full of make up and think, how can they be ill? I feel for you. I really hope you are feeling better soon. I am thinking of you xxxx

Yeah it's such a nightmare looking well but feeling horrible. I hope you're ok today and thank you for your lovely words. Xx

Hi, I hope you feel better by Saturday, congrats to you in advance, I hope you have a lovely day. I'm sure the adrenaline will help you along with some bubbly. Try not to stress too much as stress can make the pains worse.


Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for a pain free day! Thank you so much for your kind words. Xxxx

Just wanted to say good luck for Saturday, don't let this horrible disease ruin your magical day. May you have a long and happy life together xxx

You're lovely Samy, thank you. Xxx

This was my big dread in August last year for my wedding... My doctor gave me some diazepam as I was extremely anxious about not being well on the day.. I find that anxiety and stress makes my symptoms so much worse.. Try and stay calm. If u can get your doctor to prescribe you some diazepam for today and tomoro morning.. Please enjoy every minute!! It really is the best day ever and I found that on the day the amount of love and excitement makes you forget the pain and be in the moment!! Good luck and get a good sleep tonite!!

Wish I could do it all again.. On the day any stresses go away and u really don't care about anything apart from marrying the love of your life surrounded by those who mean the most and have been there for you through tough times and understand what u have been through!!

Time to get excited!!!!

You're such a star, that really cheered me up. I do actually have some leftover Xanax so that'll be close if I need it. Thank you x a million. Hope you're enjoyed married life. Xx

Oh and have a good cry tonite to get the emotional all out of ur system. I thought I would cry the whole wedding day and ruin photos but nope the adrenaline and happiness gets you through..

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