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I feel this week I've hit a downer. I suppose I thought I would be feeling better now but still feeling exhasuted and like I've been kicked in the tummy. It'll be three weeks on my Monday since my lap. I'm starting to wonder if the pain is something I'm just going to have to live with. I'm meant to be going back to work Monday but really not feeling like my body is ready. I'm bored out of my brain being at home and growing more anxious about what I'm coming back to at work. I totally didn't understand what others said on here about the mental stress being at home sick causes. I feel totally detached from the " real world". I went to tesco today and hobbled around. I'm frustrated I can't even do that! Sorry for the ramble Im just feeling sad and frustrated. Should I still be in this much pain nearly three weeks on? I'm wondering if I need to go back to the doctors?

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  • It may take more than three weeks until you start feeling better. It did with me, I found myself very down during the second and third week. It's major surgery, each persons body is different. Rest and try not to worry too much. (Easier said than done.) xx

  • Hi, I can totally sympathise with the hobbling around you describe its horrible isn't it and I think very isolating. I hope you have a good support network around you xxx I would check things out with your GP or call your gynaecologist secretary for advice. It's always better to ask and check things out if it's going to reassure you and help you getting better xxx

  • Hi ya.. i had my lapo on thursday and its now saturday... This is my 2nd lapo... 1st time i was sore the 1st day after but by the 2nd i was loads more mobile. This time im in awful pain and my ribs are really hurting when i breath and all the incisions are so sore when i move. I know how you feel...x i cant even get on and off the toilet without help... Im wishing i never had the op now..x

    Think you should visit your doctor and say what you told us.. never return to work when feeling unwell still...x

  • Sorry your still in pain, I had my lap done last week and am still In pain. Not as long as u but my pain feels similar to what it did before so I'm not hopeful it's going to go anytime soon.. I no what u mean about being at home I still have another week off of work and am bored out my brain! It's depressing.. From what I have heard it can be a couple of months before it starts to feel better! I hope it eases for u, speak to ur gp maybe they can help, have u been given anything apart from painkillers that don't help? Xx

  • Hey lady! Well firstly, here's a big hug (O). Secondly, hang in there, I am 2.5 weeks post lap and although I feel physically fine, and have had a much more normal period I am still crying randomly and really not very emotional strong at all. Part of it's hormones, partly frustration at the results and not feeling very in charge of my destiny right now. However, keep on going and you'll get a little bit better every day. Bodies take a while to readjust and settle and we're all very different. I was similar when I had a 'poke about and lap and dye' last year prior to this surgery for actual treatment with a bloke with a better tool box. Although I think my colleagues would prefer I hadn't come back this week (I've used up all their tea and tissues!) I was glad to go back and do something normal. If you're not up to it though don't. What's another week in the grand scheme of things? Take care :) xxx

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