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hi I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss contraception options. I had my non hormone coil removed in August (due to sudden onset pain and bleeding) after almost six years of it not seeming to cause any issues, I stay away from hormones as I am at a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. However I am now quite desperate for something to alleviate pain and considering short term taking the pill shortish term or whether just to get another non hormone coil, hope I dont have the same problems and treat my pain as a separate issue all together. Has anyone got any suggestions?

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  • I'm the same as you. I've had every pill and mini pill under the rising sun and I tried the mirena, each one made me really ill and sent me off my head, hormone rage lol!!! I used to take codeine for the pain but became addicted, I'm two months codeine free but still get dizziness and breathing issues so I'm not going to recommend that. I just take simple paracetamol now and man up, which is not ideal. I'm at the specialist centre at the end of this month and I'm going to discuss a longer term plan. I'll let you know what they say x

  • thankyou. I hope they can help you x

  • Hi I just wondered what your "none hormone" coil is called?

    I'm on my second mirena and have been lucky the first one took 10 months to settle though but was worth it.

  • I had a copper coil previously. I had almost six years of okness then I had trouble

  • that appointment was just ridiculous. I am no nearer a solution to anything including my contraception needs. Absolutely exhausted with the dead end's. I need a year long nap 😒

  • Hi i had the mirena this drove me insane the first day i had it in i had in in from 2pm and took it out at 12pm i had suicidal taughts so i just took it out myself these drugs that they are giving us woman to try is damaging our bodies smh.... soo now i dont take anything but its hard...cause u have to make sure you stay safe

  • wow I can't imagine removing my own coil. I'm very much in the camp of less hormones possibly in general, I'm just tempted by the pill if it can help me function easier but as a short term. Anyway next appointment is a way off and the GP I'll be seeing has a talent for gynae issues so hopefully she can help.

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