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Hey everyone.

I've currently been diagnosed with endometriosis and andometreis. Painful.. Yes! !

My gynecologist has discussed about hormones treatment.

The coil or the depo injection or the pill version.

I suffer with chronic migraines and can't be put on any other pills.

The thought of the coil terrifies me.

Any opinions on this will be most helpful x

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Hey, I was really scared of the coil, too, but I've had it for 8 years now (on my 2nd one) and it is honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

No more painful periods, and my moods are a lot more even. No more backpain, bloating, etc. I just feel overall a lot better since I've had it.

It was put in during a lap, and it took about a month to settle down, but I think that's because of the lap. When I had my 2nd one put in (you have to change them every 5 years) it was fine straight away.

My periods stopped after 3 months. No regrets and you don't have to think about it for 5 years.

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rebecca86 in reply to LMB77

Thank you for your help. It's good to get opinions on them.

I suppose I can't carry on with all this pain. Ended up being taken to hospital by a ambulance yesterday x

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rebecca86 in reply to LMB77

Also is it supposed to stop more endo from forming with having it placed or will it just help the pain? X

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LMB77 in reply to rebecca86

Yes, that's right. It can stop endo from forming, or slow it down, but it is different for everyone.

I had a minera coil fitted which is a ten year one .... it was nothing to do with endo as to why I had it .... only had it removed in August simply because it dislodged itself so caused daily bleeding (no pain tho)

I guess each person is different but I will say for me it was perfect my periods if I had them lasted max 2 days and were very very light . i seen the effects after 2 weeks and have never until just at the end of year 9 had any issues I 100% recommend it .... having it inserted caused no pain either just discomfort like when having a smear x

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rebecca86 in reply to sharon1980

Did you have any side affects from it??

I was on the depo injection for a long time and it made me very ill eventually x

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sharon1980 in reply to rebecca86

I can honestly say I had no side affects what so ever .... I only had it removed as it was near end of its life and now with being diagnosed with endo only 2 weeks ago my doc wanted me to try the pill .

What I can say is my abdominal pain with this vile edno started 12 months ago so having the minera coil didn't help in anyway with that x

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rebecca86 in reply to sharon1980

See that's what confuses me. The coil is supposed to help with the endometriosis but you still developed it with the coil in place. X

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sharon1980 in reply to rebecca86

its just a bloody mind field I started with symptoms of endo in march last year , constantly told I had urine infection or constipation .... I knew it was wrong so just kept fighting .... when I get the pain it usually has me in bed for min of 2 weeks feeling totally useless , its unbearable and all this is whilst the coil is in place , so for me having the coil again to try treat it wasn't an option as I knew it would not work .... but everyone reacts different to things , I have been put on the pill and have to take continuously so it stops periods completely ,I don't hold out much hope tho ...... Now a women I know has endo she says the coil has eased her pain .... maybe the best thing is to try if for a few months and see :) x

ps .... it does not hurt having it just little uncomfortable x


I had 2 Mirena coils. First I was awake for, second was fitted during my lap.

The first one I had in for about 9 months maybe a bit longer but it was horrific having it fitted. I bled for absolutely ages after having it fitted and I was in bed with pain the whole day afterwards. I gained a lot of weight on it, was so depressed, my mood swings were terrible and the pain was unbearable which is why I was sent for a lap, the surgeon (was for pregnant women not even endo!) Put it down to a dodgy coil so fitted a new one. Gave that one about 6 or 7 months but the pain and symptoms still persisted so they sent me for a colposcopy, I had cervical ectropion, CIN1 cells and actinomycosis from the coil.. My GP finally removed it because of the pain alongside actinomycosis.

I would never have one of those in again! Everyone is different but both my experiences were horiffic.

I was on the injection for 3 months after my coil and I had a little relief. Not a lot but better than the coil. The injection completely stopped my periods too. Which for me was a bonus. But I've tried all sorts of contraception and if I had to pick one the injection would definitely have to be the best.

The coil works for some people but definitely not me.

I hope you find the right contraception for you!

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rebecca86 in reply to Milliejs

Thank you for sharing your experiences. In my mind I can't understand how putting a forgein body inside your womb when you already have problems with endometriosis and I also have andometreis can be any good. It's so hard to understand and make a decision xx

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry to hear you're suffering. I have had the depo injection and coil and the best for me was the depo injection. I agree with others as everything works slightly differently for everyone. I have found the only thing that has kept my endometriosis at bay and under some sort of control is surgery. I've had 4 laps since 15 years old and have had pain free for 4-5 years every time (i'm now 36)

You're doing the right thing exploring your options, lots of luck to you and all the best :-)

Thank you. They haven't offered to do a lab. Says there's risks but I've got a review after Christmas will push for it xx

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