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Contraception and Weight Gain :(

So I've been on the coil two years and the pill since Jan this year (Dual contraception)

It's working for the pain but I've gained about 1 and a half stone and I can't shift a pound!

Has anyone else experienced weight gain due to contraceptives and can anyone give me advice on what I should do? I don't know whether to have the coil out or stop the pill.

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Hiya, I feel your pain iv been put on the pill for 6 months and been told not to have a break! I have gained a stone and I feel awful I can't get rid of any weight no matter how much I try. Exercise and endo is very hard too when your in so much pain. I'm sorry I don't have any advice as iv been trying to get some advice too but your not alone I am in the same boat as you with this one. I hope you feel better soon and can get it sorted xx


I've been told not to have a break either! It's nice to know that I'm not just being greedy and gaining weight.

Before dual contraception I used to be in pain but I could maintain or lose weight easily and was always around 9 1/2 or 10 stone, I feel incredibly crap now that I've gained all this.

Just in the dilemma as to whether I stop the contraception and suffer with pain or deal with weight gain :( xx


I am roughly the same weight normally around 10-10 1/2 and with the warmer weather we were having I felt so uncomfortable in all my clothes. My pain hasn't disappeared completely so I'm also debating whether to just stop the pill and see if I hopefully loose the weight. I'm 100% with you I'm just sorry I can't be more helpful with advice. Xx


Don't be sorry, it's just nice to know you're not alone when you're having a low day. Think I'll go back to the doctors tomorrow. I'm going on holiday in 8 days and I'm dreading it now :( xx


Hi, years ago before I had endo symptoms I went on the depo provera injection for contraception and put on 2 stones in 6 months! I've still not been able to lose them. I've stayed away from any hormones for a few years now and am trying to lose weight ahead of my lap. I've been told I may have to have the artificial menopause injections, I'm dreading putting more weight on if I do have to!


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