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Day 2 post op

Hey, hope everyone's soaking up the sunshine for me out there!

So, I have had my first laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and change of the mirena coil. How do I feel? Sore x(

On being discharged, I was given paracetamol for pain relief. I have 3 dressings all on my lower abdomen, but has anyone ever felt a lot of pain around their belly button? I know it sounds weird but it's where I've experienced the most discomfort.

My appetite hasn't really come back, and all I want to do is sleep. I have my follow up on the 20th so hopefully I'll be able to get more info on what happens next then

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Hi the belly button one is the worst isn't it?  My other two weren't sore or painful just that one . I had normal stitches and had them removed early as the belly button one was so sore, but improved after stitches were removed.

I would get a sensation like something sharp was trying to work its way out, which lasted for a good few weeks then just disappeared.

Your appetite will come back and sleep is the best healer, so if you need to sleep then sleep. Be kind to yourself and take things easy.

Hope your recovery goes well.

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I had my lap yesterday and am actually quite surprised how sore I have been! I feel quite swollen too and it's quite difficult to move around due to my abs being so sore so I know how you feel. The cut below my belly button is very sore and sensitive. All I had done was the investigation too, I didn't even have any treatment for my endo because it is too severe so I am being referred to a specialist centre.

I hope you feel better soon x

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