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2 days post op


Hi gals

I’m 2 days post op. My surgeon thought it was going to be quick look in the pelvic and put again. But no I was in surgery for 3 hours and kept over night. As usual the she came and spoke to me when I was in recovery room, so I don’t remember much apart from her holding my hand and looking at me sympathetically. So on my notes it says ‘superficial endometriosis found on both side walls and recto vagina space with superficial rectal involvement. And a bulky uterus ‘

Can anyone help by putting that in layman’s terms for me?

I’m in a hell-a-lot of pain and my mind is going crazy. I vaguely remember her saying stage 3 but can’t be sure, the word superficial makes it sound minimal. Thank you in advance

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Superficial definitely doesn't mean minimal it just means that it's not deep, I have superficial endo and it's stage 3 xx

Hey, glad youve had your op. Did you have your endo removed?

Recto vaginal is the space between the rectum and vagina when looking sideways at yourself. Superficial means on the surface of, so it's not penetrating. But as you know level of symptoms do not correlate with level penetration of endo. Rectal involvement means theres some on the rectum. Bulk uterus could just be the time of the month or how your uterus is compared to textbook, which btw we're all a bit different.

Book in, if not sorted already a post op appt for a few weeks time to go over your results and next steps. My specialist always does a 2 week post op and a 4 month follow up.

The pain takes a good few weeks to go away. Give yourself time and go easy xx

I've had my second lap a week ago tuesday to remove endo on the bowel, happy to chat about stuff :)

I’m on the pill so I wouldn’t know about the time of the month lol

Is it normal to bleed such fresh blood often this type of op? And what about bm, I usually have to use suppositories because my bowel doesn’t work as normally should, should I carry on trying with them or wait till I really feel I need to go x

It's normal to bleed but usually shouldnt be much, unless theyve done lots inside the uterus too. My first op i bled like a period as i had a hysteroscopy and biopisies inside uterus and vagina. Second op was just stuff around the abdomen so just spotting. If youre still bleeding lots after 5 days call your specialist / surgeon if you can. Otherwise gp or 111 if uk.

Suppositories: did you mention and take along any medication you currently use when you went for your op? They should have then told you how to continue taking them or whether you should - some medicines dont work well together. Again contact your specialist / surgeon as we cant give medical advice as to stop / keep taking them. Usually with laps they dont want you to strain so sometimes give you medical laxatives just to help for the first week, so waiting until you need to go or need to use your suppositories may cause damage.

This lap is my 5th lap only 2nd with endo. But the endo was much much worse then first time. Thank you. Just feeling a lot different this time around x

Good luck with your recovery Holley.

Bleeding varies from person to person, the operation has interrupted blood vessels and ligaments possibly so bleeding and clot like mater coming away is normal in some people and some bleed more than others. As the other lady mentioned after about day 5 get checked over just incasey.

A bulky uterus can be the growth of the endometrial tissue into the womb also, it's a condition called Adenomyosis but really cannot be detected 100% without biopsy or hysterectomy. There are varied symptoms and not much stats in the way in which it affects women. I had Endo and Adeno and just put the Endometriosis as the main culprit in my pain. I hope they were able to take away the rectal endo and other areas and you find bowel movements more pleasant if they were causing you trouble. I felt I was most affected with bowel pain during menses, unfortunately I couldn't take the pill and the like.

Give yourself time your survey sounds much much more invasive than your last laparoscopic surgeries so you need to hold off on your chores and exercising and let the vessels and structure internally settle.

Best wishes




Thank you very much for your reply.

I’m 5 days post op now and have had to use suppositories to do a bowel movement but I used to before just to my bowel/rectum not recognising when I need to go and won’t release it until I use suppositories. Iv tried to keep my movements softer by taking laxido . I’m experiencing a lot of central pain today and I’m telling myself this is normal it’s only 5 days post op!

I have however developed a lump or some sort mass just under my right rib, it catches when I stand and as I’m sitting down.. extremely annoying and worrying x

Awkkkkk, Bless you,

That mass/lump sounds worrying, 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Id be on the blower to the GP in the morning. You are very early days post surgery and detail like this they would be best out in the open just incase its something untoward. Let's hope not and let's hope your recovery is starting to feel less painful.

Good for you for staying ontop of the No.2 dilemma, it's one of the things we all dread post surgery. I believe I am more solid since my surgery, almost like the endo was giving me more diharea type stool and more stool frequency in the morning in particular.

It's odd how different we all are. The incision sites (I had 3) like the belly button I had no pain not as much as even feeling like I had 3 cuts, yet the internal pain and heaviness was very bad for me but the shoulder pain from the gas, it lasted 2 weeks for me and it went into my arm and shoulder on the right and it was bloody horrendous! I believe the gas only left me in month 3.

I didn't take to well to being pumped up!

See your GP about the mass and settle any fears you may have.

Good luck and let us know your outcome!



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