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Day 2 - Post Surgery

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Well that was an ordeal! You never know what your body has been through until you’ve heard from your appointed family member afterwards; oh and of course the pain but when you’re a bit delirious on pain relief that’s kind of unclear.

7 hours on the operating table and I’m still here; my poor mamo must have been going out of her mind! I must be a strong cookie.

I have visions of surgeons operating pull out bits, stripping back endo and chucking bad bits in a pile in the corner whist humming like it’s a easy task. Of course that’s not the case but this Mr Bean moment can not be shifted.

I saw my consultant/surgeon after surgery and the poor bloke look exhausted I felt guilty but I am so grateful he spent the time freeing up my insides. His words were “I don’t want to do that again”

So everything and more that I had been complaining about was evident inside. Small intestines were fused together as were the large (hence me pushing my stomach to try and move things). Large endometriosis growth attaching my vagina and bowel. (unable to pass wind or bowel movements even with laxatives), adhesions throughout (compacting space and lower abdomen/pelvic pain), fibroid regrown in spaces they were removed last year and now under scar tissue (attaching the rectum wall and causing pain).

I’m still being monitored for possible complications that could arise due to serosal tear on my small intestines but I’m hopeful. Just to feel things move (even though painful) is a step in the right direction.

I’m so graceful a stoma bag wasn’t fitted; actually I could have kissed the guy because a poor lady on my ward had one and when you change it everyone knows about it.

Eating habits haven’t returned but I have to re-train my body to accept food and slowly. It seems so strange when I hear movement in my stomach because it’s been so long.

Here’s to a good recovery and dreaming of all the things I want to do again.

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I love the picture! Just want to send you best wishes for your recovery x

Ah thank you xx

Well I was not expecting that photo as I scrolled down my feed! Honestly made me laugh out loud! You have a great sense of humor! But wow what a surgery you have had, I really hope you are ok and that you have good recovery! And I hope you have some relief after all that. X X X 💛

Thank you, it’s the one thing I’ve manage to hold onto which is a miracle. Doesn’t help in hospital though because they instantly think you are ok. I’m glad my consultant knows me enough to tell them she’s a comedian when nervous or under pain relief.

Glad I made you laugh and thank you for the well wishes :) xx

Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Thank you xx

Love the picture! Wishing you a speedy but caring and careful recovery. :)

Thank you. I hate feeling useless and got a little tearful yesterday when I couldn’t play with my nephew but It has to be; as you said I have to be careful ☺️

Rest up pretty lady! Hope your feeling better ❤️ what a journey- I know the feeling X

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SimplyDeeDee in reply to Lyns88

Thank you, I hope it’s the last leg for a long while. Never in my life did I ever think I would go through so much. When I was diagnosed years ago I didn’t realise the full impact this disease would have on my life and then it makes you think what did I do to deserve this. I’d love to know what the common denominator is that we all possess in order to have these gremlins growing; hopefully it will be discovered soon.

I think in my case, it's hereditary plus a malformation in this area. Ive scored on all boards, lucky me! But I should be happy as the GP and nurse have both told me that nothing can be done. I should feel eternally grateful for their long lasting caring and compassionate attitude... 🙁

Don’t give up hope it’s all we have to hang on to. Try and see if there is someone else that can give you a second even third opinion; they are not always gospel. If I’d listened to the nonsense my bowel surgeon was telling me I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. I was very vocal with my consultant on how much I disliked his demeanour and dismissive attitude to the point I didn’t want him performing any further treatment on me. Luckily someone else stepped in.

I agree with you. I went to the GPs in May once I started feeling a bit stronger and demanded for a cytoscopy (following 3 cystitis in 3 months). She replied that its the surgery policy to not allow menopausal women cytoscopy, I then replied that actually I was not menopausal, she organised an appointment for the following day to which I went with my husband. She had a change of personality (as is usually the case every time my husband is with me). I also requested to be referred to another hospital for a second opinion, which she did. Ive had the first appointment and I'm currently waiting to be seen, but the wait is so loooooooooooong. And yes, I avoid the GPs. I may well deregister at a certain point as Ive coped on my own mainly for the past 7 to 10 years, I do my own research and buy my own remedies. I wish I could find better, but I am aware that this is the high level of GPs' medical knowledge and budget pressure. This appointment coming is my last chance to get treatment as I fear that after that I will be classified as being 'too old' to receive any treatment as this is how the system works unfortunately. Unless a medical professional can prove me wrong... I don't think they will

Hope your recovery is going well and you have a better quality of life. Take good care of yourself. 😘

I really don’t understand why you can’t be taken seriously when you visit medical professionals on your own. I mean the condition mainly affects you but yet you’re only believed when you have someone accompanying you it’s bizarre.

Thank you, my recovery is not going great but it is still early days and I’m trying to hang in there. Its all I can do but I was hoping for a Christmas miracle.

I hope your appointment comes with a positive way forward for you and do keep in touch x

Take your time with recovery. It took me months before I felt strong, I went back to work when I should have stayed at home, but as I wasn't made aware of the seriousness of the surgery, I made the wrong decision (my discharge form is blank). I was not the only one suffering, so did my family and, above all, my youngest. Your recovery also impacts on other people, the better you recover and take care of yourself now, the stronger you will be to face any challenge that life can throw, people are prepared to give you this time now, they won't later on because, as far as they are concerned, they think you will be fully recovered. Just make sure you are strong enough, not just physically, but also mentally. The whole impact is completely underestimated by medical professionals. Give yourself time. Xx

As much as it’s frustrating not being able to enjoy the simple things, this time round I’m taking it easy. X

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