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2 weeks post op advice


Hope you are all as well as can be at the mo. I had my 3rd lap 2 weeks ago. My consultant said he didn't see any new Endo anywhere but could see where I had it all excised last year.

I had a presacral neurectomy which is cutting of the nerves to the uterus and also had the coil fitted. I have adenomyosis and interstitial cystitis in my bladder.

I'm just wondering how long it takes for the coil to ease, I'm getting awful contractions that are lasting between 2-4 hours and just come and go when they please there is no pattern. I'm surprised I'm getting contraction pains as the nerves have been cut so I thought I wouldn't feel anything. I've read online that it takes 3 months for the presacral neurectomy to work (not sure why cos if the nerves are cut wouldn't it work straight away) and 3-6 months for the coil to calm down. Has anyone had the same experience and did the pain calm down? If this doesn't work my only next stage is a hysterectomy, I'm 32 and no children. So I am trying my best to just get on with the pain but if the pain doesn't ease I won't be able to keep the coil in. I know it's early days so I'm just trying my best to put up with the contractions.

Also I've not been able to empty my bladder since the surgery. I am able to go a little but not much and there is always loads when I use the self cathetar. Has anyone else had this and did your bladder just return to normal?

I know it's only 2 weeks but I feel like it was 2 months ago. Any advice would be great xx

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have you got a review for the intermittent catheters? Are you recording your input and output? Make sure before you use the catheter you try to go on your own and record any output you get and then the output with the catheter. By two weeks I'd expect you should be seeing some improvement with the retention side of things. I'm a week into a coil myself and still experiencing some problems re cramping etc and on here ppl told me they experienced problems for the length of time you said above. If you genuinely feel like you're at a stand still with your recovery then I would seek medical advice however if you feel like you have progress but its just very slow I would say maybe you can hang on a few more days. Sounds like you've really been in the wars, I hope things start to improve quickly! Sorry I dont have much in the way of advice! X


Hi hunni thank you for replying. I don't have a follow up for the cathetars no. I was discharged 5 days after my op and sent home with the cathetars and told district nurses would come out to me but the district nurses have rang me and just said are you managing OK which I said yes but I don't know what I'm doing or how long for etc to which they replied 'speak to your gp ' I went to the gp the other day and he gave me a weeks course of antibiotics for uti and he is speaking to my Endo consultant and also to my urologist in Preston to get some advice on what to do next. I have a procedure at hospital every 2 weeks for my interstitial cystitis where they put a cathetar in and pump some solution into my bladder to protect the bladder wall or something. I've not been for a few weeks cos of lap but I did ring the urology nurse who mentioned to me about measuring how much etc so I'm just waiting for the measuring jug to be delivered as my pretty ones in the kitchen aren't being used for that haha.

The contractions I'm getting are awful from the coil. Things aren't getting loads better but as hysterectomy is the next step I'm going to have to try and get through the next few months with the coil in. Can you keep me posted how you are getting on with the coil hun? I really hope it doesn't take up to 3 months to settle. I said to my boyfriend before that I'm sure im going to give birth to something. Guess I'll just have to try and relax a bit more for now. I'm so inpatient with recovery I just want to get up and go out etc. I need someone to say oh yes the pain will be gone by 3 weeks but I doubt that's going to happen xx


lol yes like a magic wand, that's what I want. I'm wondering if that's a bladder washout that you have then. Yer the DNs would have come round to use the catheter once to twice daily if you wasn't able to do it yourself, much better if you can do it yourself because then you can do it as and when you need to and you don't have someone prodding you! I have like a feeling of needing to push coming and going and every so often I have what I can only liken to putting tin foil on a filling feeling but in my womb! I dont think I'm having as much grief as you are by a long shot currently! I'm hoping that it settles because I'm not sure what I would do next. I'm assuming as you are under the urologist that is who will be expected review the catheters, my advice with that is try as much as you can to pass as much as you can without them otherwise your bladder will get lazy xx


The bladder procedure I have is called cystistat. My bladder is inflammed and infected all the time and antibiotics don't help it so they pump the solution in either once a week or every 2 weeks then I leave the hospital and have to hold the solution in my bladder for as long as possible. It's suppose to put a protective layer round your bladder to stop it being so sore and all the other symptoms but I'm not sure it's doing anything at mo.

My contractions have been awful today they started at 2 yesterday afternoon and it's now nearly 4am and it's still happening. I've not been able to sleep as the pain is sointense. It's never lasted this long before. Maybe this is the last bad one and then it'll settle down haha I'm trying to convince myself. Keep me updated with your progress and coil hun. I've never had a coil before and I really hope this works and these contractions stop really soon.

Oh some good news I went to the toilet for a wee before and it was just before bed time so I put the cathetar in afterwards and for the first time nothing came out so hopefully that is the end of needing to use the cathetar but I'll do it again in the morning to check. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the advice you've been a star

Em xx


that's fantastic news! Maybe keep checking for a few days or every other day just to be on the Safe side. You poor thing its awful when your pain keeps you awake. I think you should see your GP tomorrow and ask for a review of your pain relief. Your body needs sleep to recover and if you cant sleep your pain will be worse and your recovery slower, nasty circle, so definitely ask for maybe something extra you can take on top of current meds as a 'breakthrough' pain relief or perhaps a stronger dose of a medication you already have. Also might be worth eating or taking something that helps your bowels along, I dont know if they've been ok but if they are full itll make it harder to pass urine and itll be pushing on all your sensitive internal healing areas. Good luck with getting some rest today xx


Hey, im in a similar situation with the coil. I had my lap 3.5 weeks ago and the contractions are still really bad. Im not sure what to do because i dont think i can handle this for 3 months as im basically housebound with it. Considering having it removed too although that would be a shame. Im just wondering what painkillers you are taking? Because tramadol makes it difficult for me to wee! As soon as i switch to codeine im able to wee again. Although i dont have the same issues with my bladder as you but its just a thought. I hope things improve for you, id be interested to know what you do with the coil. Good luck xx


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