How long should we wait to start TTC

My partner and I decided to find out 'what was wrong with me' before TTC. 

I only had my lap on Wednesday so I'm still recovering and I'm due my period in the next week or so. 

But when should we start trying? Straight away? Weeks? Months? 

I was told my tubes etc were all looking good, the endo was confined to the back of my womb only so I hope I'm in a good position to fall quickly... But we'll see, just unsure of how long we should wait to start the trying! 

Any thoughts/advice??? 

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  • I started trying straight away well a week after Op, as I was due to ovulate, just depends if you feel up to it. My consult said find to try straight away. Good luck Feekate 

  • That's what I was thinking! 

    As I said period is due shortly so that will give me a little more recovery time... Then I guess best to crack on with the job at hand... We can but try!!! 


  • I had my first lap on Saturday.  My doctor told me it would be best to wait until after my first period which is due this Saturday but we'd be fine to start trying straight away. I must admit I'm a bit scared about whether it is going to hurt or not but will just see how my body feels around ovulation I guess.  Good luck :-)

  • Good luck to you too!! 

    Yes I also have the fear of pain, from the sex not the op, hoping it'll be a lot better since having treatment!! 


  • Feekate rachelg2212 the pain has gone for me pretty much, so much more comfortable during intercourse🙌🏻 even after the Op it was fine, I obs we were very careful x

  • That is VERY good to know!!! Fingers crossed for a more enjoyable experience again soon then 😊


  • Hiya! Had my lap last May for stafe 4 endo which involved ovaries, bowel, cervix etc. Waited to see the surgeon for my check up after 6 weeks of recovery. She told me to start trying when I felt ready after giving me the all clear. She also said if I wasn't pregnant within the year we'd be looking at IVF. I then stayed on the pill through the summer as I was afraid the pain would return as soon as I came off. I took my last pill the end of August last year. I fell pregnant in October and was shocked and elated as I really didn't think it would happen quickly for us. I'm now over 29 weeks pregnant due in July. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey! I wish you all the best and share my story so you know that there can be such a positive outcome post surgery. Xx

  • Wow, what a fabulous story, so pleased for you!! 

    Before I even had my op the consultant said 'get pregnant' to help with the pain. He didn't even know if it was endo at that point! 

    Mine was very little endo, but caused a lot of pain. I've got a follow up on 9th June so I little way off. But I don't see the harm to trying once I'm feeling a bit better!! 😊


  • That is a lovely story! I had my lap 3 months ago to remove cysts on my ovaries other endo elsewhere and we started trying a week after the op and it was fine!. Still trying and am hoping for positive news soon. I was also told the next 12 months is the best chance and then move onto IVF etc. The pressure for something to happen is making me feel so down :(

  • Don't feel down, it could still happen and probably will when you least expect it!! 


  • Good luck ladies. It was so unexpected for me after suffering for years. Try as soon as you feel up to it. For me, sex was still a bit uncomfortable at first but that soon passed and I'm assuming it was because I had the spots in vaginas and huge patch on my cervix. Sending you all positive baby vibes xx

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