Laprascopy & conceiving.. How long?!

Hi everyone, just after some info or some of you lovely ladies who can hopefully give me some good news. I was diagnosed with endo in Nov after my lap which was removed & I was told my tubes were clear and everything was fine and I should have no issues with conceiving. So me & my partner tried in December and prayed that it would happen but nothing did my period is due today but negative pregnancy test. I know it's only been a month of trying but I was really looking forward to catching & got my hopes up.. My question is how long did it take you lovely ladies to concieve after lap? I already have a 6year old & we are desperate for another so much, so any tips recommendations are much appreciated, I saw my gynae 4 wks after op & he said everything was cleared out and to just try & see what happens I go back to him in June but am so hoping I will be pregnant by then. Thanks for listening ladies. X

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  • They say up to a year after a lap you're more likely to conceive. In general, hospitals say 1 year of ttc before they start checking out infertility. I'd say be patient, one month is still very early days.

  • Thanks I am trying to stay positive but it's hard when u want something so much! We also have the clear blue advanced fertility monitor so just waiting for my period before I can start tracking my cycle so that should work too!

  • Trust me, I know all about wanting something so much. Been trying for a baby for 4 years now. It's been the toughest journey of our lives. We have more than endometriosis riding against us though. You've had one child so that's a great sign. Praying for your positive result, please pray for me too..

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear you've been trying so long, I've wanted one for about 4 years another one but partner never wanted only the last few months he has really come around to the idea so I'm keeping everything crossed for us, praying for u & lots of baby dust for you may it all come true for you Hun. X

  • I also had a lap in Nov and we have been trying since without any luck. My problem is that my endo was widespread so the consultant couldn't remove it all. We now have to decide whether to continue to try naturally and risk it spreading further or have zoladex injections followed by IVF. Stay positive as they are lots of stories of people getting pregnant after a lap. I think my body is still recovering as my cycle is messed up this month x

  • Sorry to hear your in the same boat scribble1603 they did tell me I had mild endo they removed 5 patches of it he said but there was some on my ureter the tube leading to my kidney which they wouldn't touch, however the gynae did tell me that it was old endo & wasn't likely to cause me any problems as it wasn't active and had died off was possibly years ago so that was good other then that they managed to remove it all & dye test through tubs was clear so my gynae says no issues with me getting pregnant naturally.. I see him in June if nothing's happend by then I would like to think there will be something to help us out. I hope your well after the lap & cycle returns to normal etc I'd def recommend tracking it to find out when your ovulating etc keeping my fingers crossed for baby news for u Hun. X

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