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How long to wait before starting ivf after laporoscopy/hysteroscopy?

Hi ladies, I had my first laporoscopy/ hysteroscopy 3 weeks ago for my endo. Left Fallopian tube was removed, an endometrioma taken off my right ovary, kissing ovaries separated and both para-rectal spaces mobilised. I had a stage IV obliterated Pouch of Douglas too.

Obviously v keen to rock on with ivf now. I'd be grateful for any advice on how long any of you waited before you tried your first ivf after having a lap. I was mid-cycle when I had the op and I'm now a week late with my period but appreciate I'm still healing. Feels like I'm due on soon tho (sorry if tmi but we all know those familiar twinges!) which would mean if we start next month we'll have waited 7 weeks. Sounds about right or have any of you waited 2 cycles?

Feeling pressure to get going while I'm endo free but also aware ivf is so costly I want to give us the best chance of success. Grrrrrr. So hard to be patient!

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there I personally think 7 weeks will be fine, that's enough time for your body to heal but not enough for endo to rear it's ugly head again. My consultant would have been happy for me to start IVF after that amount of time. Get cracked on that's my advice!!

Good luck, I'm about to start my first IVF cycle next week.



Thanks! You've helped make our decision. So excited to give it a now.

Good luck with your cycle, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a big fat bfp! Xx


Just to let you know I had a 5 hour op 24th July, tube removal, extensive excision including bladder, bowel and pod. Cyst removal and ovary resection etc, I started short protocol icsi on 21st Aug and I am triggering tonight for egg collection Tue

Good luck! Xx


Wow, so again very quick. Just what I wanted to hear! Best of luck for the icsi, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Xx


We were told to contact the Fertility Clinic to get things moving 7 weeks after the op. This was for our frozen cycle - so obviously it might be slightly different if you are having a fresh cycle. Appointments, etc do take some time to 'get going' or for you to be in the right place in your cycle for the treatment to start. Take care and fingers crossed for you.


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