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1.5 after laparoscopy - still have pains

Is this normal? People do keep telling me I've been a bit optimistic with healing times but I'm just getting fed up with the constant period ache/twinges/pain. Oh my, the pain when going to the toilet is awful still :'(

Also - I had dissolvable stitches put in but they're still there and really, they just look like white pieces of string? Does any know if they are definitely dissolvable?

Finally - anyone know when I can have sex again? My boyfriend is too scared as worried he'll do some damage internally? I had a tilted womb due to the endo pulling it, and I used to often get pain during sex. Yes I am still experiencing period aches and pains, but a girl has needs so would like to try.....? But if I need to wait longer I will as don't want to hurt anything.

Thanks for reading about all my worries!!

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Sorry - meant to say 1.5 weeks after op! I had it done Friday before last and it's now Tues


Hey, I'm 2 weeks and a few days into recovery from a lap to remove endo and today is the first day I've felt better, I kept putting pressure on myself to recover quicker because my consultant said I'd be back to work in a week and there was no way I could have been. Be patient, it takes time. Took me 10 days to have some very gentle, polite (!) sex and it didn't hurt, just a bit fragile. I was completely happy to say stop if it had been too soon. 

I'd be very surprised if they're not dissolvable, they almost always are. And they would have said if you needed to remove them at a later date. 

Overall, be patient and very gentle with yourself. You'll be surprised when you do eventually feel better how far you've come. X


Hi Buttoon, it took me 4 weeks before I recovered from my lap (I started to feel slightly better 10 days after the lap but I was still in pain). Regarding the stitches - they are dissolvable but they dissolve inside not on the outside, what you see it's just strings to hold it together. They will just fall off on their own one day, think mine disappeared in the shower, must have been 3 weeks after the lap, don't worry about them. As for sex - it has to be your decision. Do you feel ready? If you're not, it's best to wait. Good luck with the healing, remember it's been only 1.5 weeks, early days yet x


Thanks guys :)

Hmm, I'm not sure if I feel ready. I feel ready in the sense that I really want to have sex! But that doesn't necessarily mean my body is ready :/

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Its still early days since your lap, make sure you rest plenty :) 


Hi guys! Well two weeks on and stitches still there, just kinda want them to go now :/ It look like one incision would heal better if they went now, if that makes sense?

And as for sex, well I felt ready on Tuesday - well I really wanted to. I was still getting awful dull aches and pains. So we tried but it was way too painful/uncomfortable - oops! Buuuut, today - the aches and pains have finally eased up. Still getting twinges and awful pain when I poo  though :(

Got my appt letter yesterday for seeing gynaeno. and it's in July - seems aaaaaaages away.....


Hi Hun you could give GP a call about the stitches as wounds will have probably healed by now and the may remove them for you. I had  normal stitches but had them removed a couple of days early(about 6days after lap) as they were uncomfortable and pulling. Was so much better after that. 


Yeah, they just look like they're pulling at the wound now and that it won't heal over because they are there :/ Wish I could upload a pic!


Hi Hun I'd see if they can remove them for you. The nurse at your GP surgery should be able to do it.


Thanks. Will have to give them a call on Monday now. Hope I have had them in too long now. Maybe they are disolvable....but they really don't look it that's all


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