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Still in pain after laparoscopy - is this normal?

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Hi all. After some advice... I had a laparoscopy two weeks ago, where my consultant found and apparently removed endometriosis in three areas - including pouch of Douglas and uterosacral ligament. I had been suffering a constant severe back ache, along with painful sex etc. I am now still experiencing the exact same pain :(

Has anyone else had this? Is it normal for pain to continue for a while after removal? And if so, does anyone know why? I'm at my wits end, and feeling very miserable with constant pain. It is hugely affecting my work, as I haven't been able to sit at my desk for a whole day for about 6 months. I have a new relationship with a very understanding guy, but the lack of intimacy is also frustrating for us both.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hi I had my lap nearly 6 weeks ago and still experiencing pain. It's perfectly normal to have pain after 2 weeks. Important thing is to rest and not over exert yourself and use heat pads and painkillers to help xx

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NicNac1 in reply to Tryx

Hi, thanks for your reply.

When you say it's normal to have pain, do you mean it's normal to have the SAME endo pain, or just pain resulting from the surgery? If they've removed it, why is it still causing this pain? I had no advice from my consultant as to what to expect afterwards, and feel a bit lost :(

I have been on prescription painkillers for about 6 months which take the edge off, but I'm still uncomfortable all the time. Heat pads wise - do you mean ones you can stick to your skin?

Thanks a lot, and hope you start to feel better soon too xx

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For the first few weeks mine were worse. You have to remember that although it's been removed the areas need to be healed and a camera was poking around too. I've been on chronic pain killers for a while now too and in my 6 th Week now the pains are no different. I have been seeing my dr who says it can take time. If you're worried see your GP. I had no follow up either or advice except for expect blood which isnt a problem for me just the pain. I use heat pads which can be applied to skin/on top of clothing which helps a bit along with painkillers.

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NicNac1 in reply to Tryx

Thank you. It's so bad that we are left not knowing what to expect afterwards. Hopefully this will start to subside for us soon.

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BlueFlowers in reply to NicNac1

I don't think anyone can predict how your body would heal after the lap. We are all different and our bodies are different.

I had no pain after my lap. I stopped taking painkillers two days after the lap and went out shopping with OH to our local supermarket three days after the lap.

I was told by the doctor not to lift or carry anything, no vacuuming or sex for four weeks after the lap.

I guess what I am saying, two weeks post lap is early days. Your body had a big shock and it will take time to go back to normal.

Hi I have also had removal of endo in April it is now august and iv had really bad pains had a scan done and my endo has come back I'm in more pain now then what I was before my op..

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NicNac1 in reply to Leannehesey

Hi Leanne, very sorry to hear you're still suffering too. Are you having to go for another lap?

Crap, isn't it :( xx

Endo has taken over my life iv only just turned 27 got diagnosed in 2010 and my doc ignored me about my pain for years said I had to deal with it .. Seen another doc. Sorted things out had 3 zoladex then my op .. And now it's come back worse then ever 😥 c

My doc refferd me back yesterday was supposed to be 6 months but have to be seen qwicker .. Iv had 3 lap x

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NicNac1 in reply to Leannehesey

I'm 31 - Got diagnosed a couple of years ago, and had a diagnostic lap. They told me they'd found it, but didn't remove it?! And then I had to wait 6 months to get it removed. By this time, my pain wasn't actually as bad as some of it had 'died off' of it's own accord... If I thought my pain previously was bad, I had NO idea! It's every single day.

What's zoladex?

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Leannehesey in reply to NicNac1

Zoladex is a seed implant that is injected into your uterus every 4 week it puts you through post menopause and side affects too they sent really nice .. Bit they help with my pain and shrunk my endo a bit before my op as it was grade 4 😱 ..

It's not uncommon, you've probably had your back twisted in the operation. This can give rise to pains in the abdomen - see a good chiropractor to get your back right and hopefully things will become better. you can also try avoiding wheat from your diet, this may help with any inflammation in the area.

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NicNac1 in reply to ccfd9

Thanks a lot - Have just looked in to your suggestion re. wheat. Will attempt to go gluten free for a while and see if that helps :)

I had first lap at 27 removed stage 2 endo removed I got some relief but had 2nd lap year and abit ago removed aheadions from pouch of Douglas and endo from my womb I had bout 3 months of pain free periods but now my endo has returned and on strong painkillers and use heat pads which help abit I'm having tons of tests as well as scans also on hormone treatment feeling bit better hope u get some relief soon xx

I had my lap in April and I'm still experiencing pain.

I'm also not sure why the pain had returned and I've been told by my gp that nothing else can be done :(

However yours could just be post surgery pain so give it a few weeks then return to your gp x

My laparoscopy is coming up very soon and I have been told to expect pain for 2 weeks as a minimum while the internal bits heal. I have also been advised to avoid sex during this time, or even longer, depending on whether I am still experiencing pain. They are expecting a diagnosis and treatment but we don't yet know to what extent.

I also read a really good book by Susan Evans which explains the procedure, recovery and what to do if your pain continues after extensive surgery

Hope you recover soon, or find your answers


I had a lap last year plus further surgery in March this year and I still have the same pain. It was so bad last night I cried and nothing helped inc painkillers and hot water bottle. My Dr was concerned the pain still not gone after second op they referred me back to my bgse clinic which is next week.

I think if regular OBGYN does any surgery , even if he/she has the best intentions they most likely will not know enough or be skilled enough to help much .

If you ask your dr is this normal to still have pain?

I'm betting the answer will be " well some do some don't " or " it's just healing "

Or if he's honest he will say

" you know the truth is I don't have all the answers because nobody really knows a lot about the disease , but let me give you the name of a specialist , I think he/she may be able to help you"

But I'm also betting the egos that all doctors have will not let him admit that .

All you need to do is look the dr in the eyes ask

Is this normal ? How many of Your patients have had this issue ? How many would you guess you have performed this procedure on yearly ?

How many are doing exceptionally well and have never had pain since ?


That's what you look for .

I know all my replies are about the sam .

When I went thru this many years ago there really were no doctors that knew or were skilled .

They did not have specialist for endo.

If they did I would sale my home to go .

I'm preaching about this so much because I wish to God I had had another person to tell me what I needed to know.

I did not even know anyone with it.

Women around me were all getting pregnant , even ones who were older and didn't plan on more and some who had not conceived for years , you know what it felt like to me ?

I swear all they had to do was get near me and bam they got pg.

Sounds stupid I know .

But at the time from where I sat that's what it felt like.

Finally years down the road a couple of women who had endo got pg.

I thought for sure I must have done something terrible not to be able to do what our bodies were made to do naturally.

I don't talk a lot about that part of my life .

Mostly because I still feel emotional pain and I'm way past meno.

I thought I must be some kind of freak or Gods experiment in which I had no say .

A crime I committed that I did not remember .

Being a woman of faith

You don't know how many times I hit the floor on my knees .

Praying crying

Why why why

I'm not asking for a lot God please give me one more child.

I had guilt that my girl would be an only child .


A lot of families have one and stop or decide to not have any .

That was not true in my day .

Endo can make you a victim trapped in your own world.

Alone and scared

And it strikes when the women is right at the child bearing years. Usually .

I thought

How cruel to hit a young woman not yet 25 with that .

You suffer

Your marriage suffers

Your relationships suffer

Some couple do not survive it

I could not even go to my own sisters baby shower so much in my own pain .

I have guilt about that .

Even now when I see a young couple pg that pain stings a bit .

Not as bad as early days but it will always sting some and be a reminder of what all I went thru

Now I have helped women

I tell them have in vitro don't mess around

My friends daughter did what I said and now has completed her famiky

So if there is any way I can say to any one or even just one woman who listens if I help save them from that pain I will .

Pitty party?


More painful than every other human being has gone thru ? Absolutely not!

But when your pain issue hire you that is the worst pain

Please reply so I know anyone is reading and understanding .

Like I said I wished I had had a person to tell me

A regular dr just can't do it

And they will put you through 1,2 ,3.4 scopes

And coupe of Laps and then do a hysterectomy .

Hell thats enough right there to put one of their kids thru school .

I don't know if anyone is even reading or if I'm wasting time writing so much .

Please know that even though I don't know you I know if you and you pain and I care

Hi, I’m in a similar position myself. It’s been just over 2 weeks since my lap and I’m still in bad pain. Did your pain ever go away and if so, how long did it take?

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