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Continuous UTIs after laparoscopy. I’m scared, help!


I’ve had 6 or 7 UTIs in about 5 months and when I don’t have a UTI, my bladder still feels like it’s burning and really irritated! And that’s on top of my Endo pains!

I’m going back to see the specialist in January because I feel like my Endometriosis might have returned but I don’t know what to do in the meantime.

I live in fear of getting another UTI. I try to avoid sugar and alcohol and I am at the point where I’m avoiding sex with my fiancé because I’m so scared of spending the next week rolling around in pain with another UTI 😫.

Does anybody else have this problem? If so, what can I do to stop it?

I’m worried that it could be something really serious!

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Do you actually test positive to infection? If not it's possible that it's interstitial cystitis which often co exists with Endo.

Maybe a long shot but have you tried optibac for women? It's meant to help rebalance vaginal bacteria with probiotics.

I’ve tested positive for infection for a few of those but some I’ve just taken antibacterial tablets and drunk a huge amount of water to try to flush it out of my system. I don’t have time to get to the doctor every two weeks for antibiotics 😫.

I’ll definitely ask the specialist about IC. I’m concerned that it could be something even worse like bladder cancer because I’ve found blood in my urine on more than one occasion!

I’ll have a look for Optibac, thank you!

Are you on the pill? Or changed the pill recently? I had this, turned out to be hormones, due to the pill I was on, I came off that pill and felt much better! X

BethanyAnn in reply to Sjp12

Yes I am and I have recently changed pill although I’ve had these problems longer than the time I’ve been on this pill 😕 x

If you have blood in it is it cyclical? Have you had a cystoscopy to rule out Endo inside your bladder? I had 2 plaques on the outside which was bad enough.

BethanyAnn in reply to Starry

Yes it is although I have also had blood in my urine with one of the infections too.

I haven’t had a cystoscopy but I’m hoping they will do one and possibly another laparoscopy when I go back to the specialist in two weeks time.

I have endometriosis on my womb and my rectum but I’m sure it’s affecting my bladder too!


Sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time :(

As a previous poster has suggested I would talk to your Dr about Interstitial Cystitis. I have stage 4 endo which is on the bladder (as well as other places) and IC. A couple of years ago a had a full bladder distension under general anaesthetic whilst having a lap and it did help, although unfortunately it’s another chronic condition that you just learn to ‘manage’ like everything else.

The only thing that helps me with the burning urethra pain is codeine and hot water bottles but everyone is different and some people feel very sick on codeine :(

It might be worth trying to seek out an endo consultant who has a proven record of dealing with IC as well?

Big hugs,


Hi. I was plagued with UTI's until I found Kefir, super pro-biotics, haven't had infection since (sell it most tesco or on-line).

Hello honey !! Just to let you know I was exactly like you I had all the symptoms of a UTI it even came back positive so many times after my lap , I thought it would never go away but after 4 months it did my symptoms became less and less and now I don’t get those uti symptoms or burning sensation so hang in there hun it’s not forever xxxx

P.s I think it’s becuase the bladder is really sensitive an after a lap which involves pushing and shoving and scraping the bladder it will be really sensitive for a while xx

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