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I have all the symptoms but laparoscopy found nothing

Hello ladies, I am writing you from my he'd where I have been since yesterday when I started having bad cramps together with my period. It is horrible and I hate it, some days I wonder if it even is worth living...

I had laparoscopy in July and the surgeon said they couldn't find any. Yet I still have really bad abdominal cramps, pain when opening my bowels, pain during and after sex, sometimes a little bleeding during sex.

Anyone who has been in the same situation?

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From my bed* typo mistake


Yes same situation, I had a lap about 1 year ago which found nothing but I still have all the same pains and symptoms as before. I have been referred for a 2nd opinion on my request, my appointment is in April. fingers crossed I can get some answers and I hope you can at some point as well.


Did you go to your gp and asked to be seen by someone else?

My gyno was 100% it was endo, he did just a vaginal assessment. The doctor who did laparoscopy was only a general abdominal surgeon.

Are you having a second laparoscopy or what is this appointment about?

I was reading that deep tissue endo can only be seen with CT scan. Have you had any scans?


CT scans aren't sensitive enough to see endo, they show your organs and bones, they're a very powerful X-ray. An example of this is if you were to sprain your ankle and have soft tissue damage, a ct scan won't show you that.

However ultrasound and MRI may show it, since they show tissues through vibrations caused by magnets. When the machine vibrates on your organs it reflects what's there, endo normally is the same tissue so it doesn't show but in some cases it can show up.

Have you had a Pap smear?

Bleeding after sex can be a sign of cervical cancer. Also check out a bowel speacilst since pain during bowel movements, abdominal cramps, and pain during sex can be caused by a bowel disease. But since you only had a general surgeon defiantly ask to have surgery with a gyno instead if there aren't any endo speacilists in your area.

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Yes I asked for a referal to a different hospital as I wanted a 2nd opinion. The original gyn I saw was convinced it was endo too, but I then had my op privately with a different gynaecologist and he said it all looks OK but I could possibly have microscopic endometriosis, and I've had just the same pain if not worse all year. I've had an internal ultrasound but that's all scan wise. Appointment is just consultation, so will see what happens!! It is booked for April but thinking of going private as I really want to get some answers xx



I've been suffering with symptoms for 10 months, growing pain in my lower right side. It was effecting my uni, I've had to stop working, like you said, pain and bleeding during and after sex - everything seemed to be pointing towards endometriosis.

I had my laporoscopy today - and its come back where everything looks "completely perfect" apparently.

They've said from the gyno side everything is done, and I have to go back to my Gp. Maybe look at my bowels, or other things, or get referred to a pelvic pain clinic??

I was 99% sure they were going to find something, and to leave with nothing been resolved was utterly crushing. I was actually counting on some of the pain been decreased after this op today, to be able to go back to work and try get caught back up with uni, and just not be in pain constantly all day - and now I'm still in the exact same place - I want to cry!!

What have you been told to do, or what do you think you'll do?

Hope your ok! xx


After my gp and my gyno told me they are sure it is Endo I was rather upset by being told they couldn't find anything. Also having read a lot about it online and chatting with other women who have it, there have been cases when some doctors didn't know what to look for. I have had spear test and it came back fine, blood results were fine. For a while they thought I have IBS but I only get affected when on my period and when I have sex. But not all the time. I am studying full time and have not been back to my gp because it has been a tiring long journey to get to where I am now and had to miss class to see doctors and have my laparoscopy.

I really don't know what to do next..I guess going back to my gp is the next step but if they put me back on IBS tablets I think I am going to loose it.


I know what you mean! i'm studying full-time, just came on sick from my part time job for two months, was supposed to be just until this op today, and volunteering and its been effecting everything. And I totally understand the hassle at the constant doc appointments.

Everything was counting on this op today, and I'd read posts similar to those of women, and I tried to ask the surgeon after it today about maybe it could have just been missed. He showed me photos of everything they looked at, and, having literally just come back round, wasn't sure what I was looking at but they said "everything was perfect".

I've not had IBS mentioned though, if they've already tried them for you and its not helped, would it be likely they would try it again? :/


Hi Mia, did you ever find out what was wrong? I have similar issues and had a lap with no endo? Hope you're doing ok


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