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Surgical menopause

I'm now 4 years post diagnoses for endo and adenomysosis.... I had 2 previous laps to remove endo and last year Jan a hysterctomy leaving only my right ovary (I was too young to have both out). By July last year I started getting the pain back and was convinced my endo was back... ovulation became a nightmare and I was back on tramadol and having these issue rule my life again... my consultant however was sure it was adhesions and said he would go back in and check, he also agreed if my right ovary was the culprit he would consider removing it. 

I'm 3 days post lap and right oopherectomy. No endo was found so I'm extremely lucky that seems to be gone, I had adhesions everywhere and my sigmoid colon was attached to my right ovary and vagina amongst other bits attached everywhere pulling everything down into my pelvis... 

So it was all tidied up and the sticky ovary was removed... now chucking me into a surgical menopause. He has said I will need to go onto a low grade hrt such as eevla? Patches and I would see him in 6 weeks time. I think I have to speak to my gp about the patches but I have not been told when? 

I have no idea what I'm in for now or how quickly the symptoms will start or how severe they will be being a sudden loss of the ovary... can anyone help with some advice and when to speak to my GP?   Feeling a little bit alone now that it's all done.... 

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Hi, I had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis last July I also was diagnosed with endo, which was removed in march last year, I've never been out if pain, it's considerable better  but not gone, I'm on a course of zolodez ATM to put shut overies down put me into menopause, then the surgeon will decide if I will benefit from having overies out, I'm on hrt too, and will need to be if they remove overies, I havnt had many side effects apart from headaches, that are quite bad, but not often, and the first few weeks my boobs really hurt, I think I have had something missed by general gyne surgeon and am awaiting date fro a laparoscopy by a specialist to see what's happening, good luck with recovery, xx

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Hi I had hysterectomy and BSO along with excision on 3rd March. Also had adenomyosis so hence the hysterectomy.consultant wants to leave starting hrt until a couple of months will things settle down. I was on Zoladex for six months prior to surgery and had hot flushes and night sweats. For a week following surgery I had none and it was lovely however they then came back with a vengeance. I take evening primrose oil and sage leaf tablets one of each twice a day and find they help. I would give GP a call and discuss it. I've also found I get very emotional  . One minute I'm fine the next I'm in tears. I think once I've started on hrt things will settle down. Good luck.

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There isn't any right or wrong time to start the HRT. In older women, say in their mid to late 40s, they might wait and see what symptoms they get and base it on that. But at your age (38?) you will need a low dose so can start as soon as you want. By the time you get a GP appointment through any residual oestradiol should have been metabolised. The most important thing is to make sure you have regular oestradiol blood tests to monitor your levels. I should ask for one in 3 months and if it is 'OK' every six months would be appropriate. You should look to maintain it at around 400 pmol/l for bone density and other benefits.

I glanced through your posts written two years ago and all the time was thinking you sound to have deep rectovaginal endo that is being missed with such typical signs such as the retroverted uterus, pain with sex, back pain, endo found on the US ligaments and all the talk of 'burning off.' The private surgeon treated you very poorly and the presentation you had should have been immediately referred to a BSGE specialist such as you finally saw. His RCOG registration required this but that horse has bolted now. 


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Another brilliant response Lindle, got some good info from that regarding the HRT. 👍

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Hi there....I had total hystectomy and ovaries out last June due to endo and adynomyosis......consutant advised low dose HRT which he assures me shouldn't bring any endo back.

He started me on EstadermMX50 (1.5 mg Oestradiol) 6 weeks post op. I had started with menapause symons quite quickly after the op but mainly with night sweats. 

Glad to tell you I feel amazing, no pain, no symptons from the menopase, patches are working a treat. Strongly advise you to get to GP as quick as possible and give them a go.....

It works for me :)

Good luck xx

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Hi Winnie woo, I have just read your response and am very interested. I am due to have abdominal hysterectomy BSO, full severe endo excised and Bowel Surgery. I have severe rectovaginal endometriosis and suspected Adenomyosis and my insides are a mess. I am 48 and have also been told no HRT until 6 weeks after surgery a small dose of estrogen only HRT if needed and only till 50, if bad could stretch to 52. How are you? Can you give me some advice on surgery etc. Sarah-Kate xx


Hi Sarah - Kate

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you..hectic week. We'll I can't deny the surgery was rough, I had to have some of my bladder removed as it had endo lesions inside, but this has always been a major problem for me since I was 17. I was in hospital for 4 days after surgery and although I they were going to let me out a day earlier I'm glad they didn't as I had a bad night with severe back pain.....its quite scary when you don't know what's going on there so good to be around the professionals. I recommend any pain killers you can get....The morphine drip is a must in the hospital. Some of the painkillers just knocked me sick and that's the last thing you want went your sore. 

Amazingly they did all my surgery by keyhole. ...5 small cuts that was it......They don't even cover them over anymore....just spray them!

When you do come out take all the help you can get and do nothing! You won't feel like it anyway....I had a district nurse come out to give the anti clotting injection cos it really does hurt. ...I had 8 weeks off work in total...I started to feel 'ok' again after 6 weeks.

Right now, 10 months on, I feel amazing. Better than I've felt in years. I walk twice a day, go to the gym and work 5 days a week ( I never had children just 2 crazy dogs!). 

The HRT is working a treat but I am watching what I eat as I understand menopause can bring wait gain. For me I wished I had been offered this sooner but I guess 5 surgeons is a big ask of the NHS, I did have to fight for the op, but they were amazing, changed my life and my bladder still works even though it's smaller.

I have no more pain!! 

Hope that helps and good luck xxx

Ps.  I am 45 years old, will be taking hrt for 5 years.


Thank you everyone for the replies... some amazing stuff here and very encouraging... 

It's been a really rough week as recovery has taken longer than normal for me and I'm still in a fair amount of pain from the left side (where they detached my bowels and where I have a stitch).

Spoke to my GP and we are just waiting for the letter from the consultant and then I'll go onto HRT, it will be a low grade patch... I have also started evening primrose oil again as that's means to help too...

Have to go back to work next week so hope this pain calms down more in the next few days. 

Thanks again for all the help and advice xx


Hi Hun just wanted to say if you're still in pain and don't feel ready to go back to work give GP a call and see if you can extend the sick note. If you go back before you're ready it won't help. Take care.


I know. .... bit unfortunately as I'm in between careers at th e moment I no longer have a contract and am doing bank shifts for the nhs..  so if I don't work I don't get paid. Unfortunately I had a horrid chest infection before my op and have now not worked for 3 weeks and can't pay my rent! I have to work next week... I don't have a choice. But I will take it easy and have told work I can't not do any heavy lifting etc..   so we will see how it goes..  x

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