Surgical menopause

Hi all, I know I've been posting on here a lot just lately but recovering at home alone, its just good to talk to other ladies. So I'm now getting used to being in surgical menopause, the hot flushes are nowhere near as bad as they were on prostap but I'm getting myself all stressed and worried about starting to get back to normal sexually with my hubby, if there will ever be a normal ever again. Although I'm glad I've had the surgery as the pain I was in daily was horrendous, I am now scared about painful sex. I feel dry and itchy down there already and I'm using estradiol patches so what it will be like with intimacy is really playing on my mind. I know this is a difficult subject to talk about but I'm looking at estrogen pessories or creams and wondered if anyone has experience of these or anything else that helps. Many thanks xxx

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  • Dear Heidi,

    I had my hysterectomy and removal of tubes and ovaries 7 days ago. Started HRT in the firm of Livial (Tibolone) 3 days ago. I too am dreading sexual intercourse and would be very interested in hearing other people's experiences and advice. Let's hope everything will be ok. Katrina x

  • Hi Katrina hope you're recovering well, yeah its scary isn't it. Don't know about you but I'm really emotional too. Its a hard subject to talk about but I yes would be great to hear other peoples experiences and advice xx

  • Ps did you have your cervix removed too, they removed mine and now I'm really sore, everything feels completely different, I know its early days but I'm really uncomfortable and my pelvis feels like someone lit a fire in there xx

  • Hi again. I had right ovary and tube and endo removed April 2015 but still had pain. Turns out the Novasure procedure I had Dec 2014 was incomplete causing excessive scarring and pain and some endo had returned despite having 4 months of Prostap. So no option but to have total hysterectomy plus left tube and ovary out. Yes cervix too. This was the part I was dreading as I read on some site that this can cause a shorter vagina making sexual intercourse impossible/painful/no feelings etc. I think it was an American hysterectomy site. I asked my endo specialist and he said it was rubbish - none of this will happen!! Mind you he doesn't have a female anatomy!! I am very tearful and still in pain. Cervix area is very sore and no bowel movement yet. Also on antibiotics for a urine infection. So I am feeling rather sorry for myself!!

  • Ahh you poor thing, I haven't got a urine infection but its so painful when I go, but then id got severe scarring sticking my bladder to bowel and cervix so he ended up cutting into my bladder. You sound like me, I had sub total hysterectomy march 14 and was in complete agony, even though they put me on prostap for 18 months afterwards. Turns out my pelvis was full of endometriosis with a huge blood filled cyst at the back of my cervix. My Endo specialist said they could leave my left ovary in but I didn't see the point if everything else needed to go, but I feel rubbish at the moment. If you don't mind me asking how old are you, I'm 41, I go under Heidi as a username my real name is Rachel xx

  • Hi Heidi and Katrina . I'm due to have mine on 3rd March. This worries me too. I think me and my husband have probably only had sex about 4 times in the last year as its so painful. I'm really hoping that afterwards it will be different. Hope you are both recovering ok despite the soreness. Take care.

  • Thankyou 😊 xx

  • Oh and good luck for your op, do let us know how you get on xxxx

  • Will do take care

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