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Hi everyone. I've just home to bed after my lap and have stage 2 endo. It's such a relief to know I wasn't going crazy and that its been found. I'm sore and dizzy with a low blood pressure but I can handle that. I just wanted to write this so anyone who needs company knows I'll be here in bed for a few days! By the way, does anyone know if the pain is delayed? I'm ok for now but just want to be prepared if it does come. Xx

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  • You have had a lot of pain killer, so keep them topped up, the pain can get worse before it gets better, did they remove any endo, ?

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes they removed endo in 3 places. The pain has started so I've had 2 paracetamol and an ibuprofen, hoping it kicks in soon. 

  • Got my first lap on Monday. Wishing you a speedy & pain free recovery xx

  • Aw thank you and I really hope your lap goes well, as bad as the pain is, i hope you get sorted because it's such a relief to know what's going on. Take care. Xx 

  • The pain was worse for me on day 2&3, the most important thing is to take your meds on time. I had to return to hospital to get stronger painkillers, I was on paracetamol, diclofenac and dihydrocodeine. Drink some peppermint tea, that will help with the gas. Hope you have a speedy recovery! 

  • Aw thanks so much, they didn't give me any drugs but ibuprofen and codeine seem to be working for now although I'll keep an eye on it. Hope you're well. X 

  • Hope you are feeling ok. Make sure you do get plenty of rest. I was sore the second day after the lap. I know the feeling of relief to be finally diagnosed when you know there's something going on with your body!! I was relieved to finally get a diagnosis on February but i was devastated at the same time. How are you feeling about everything? Make sure you keep talking pain killers so you aren't too sore. I also tried peppermint tea and definitely helped with the gas.. Even though they have went through your tummy you shoulder can get sore :( xxx

  • Can't tell you how nice it is to hear other people have been or are going through the same thing (although I wouldn't wish it on anyone!). I'm ok today, sore and groggy but ibuprofen and codeine seem to help. And lots of lying down! It's weird, I'm massively relieved to know all the pain and low moods have a name now but I'm also apprehensive avoid the future, I keep reading about people having 2nd and 3rd laps so the thought of it creeping back, scares me. She also found a 10cm fibroid so although she didn't say much, when I see her again, I suspect she may want to remove that too. How are you? 

  • The forum has been brilliant to turn to other people who are going through the same thing. Yeah that's how I feel about the future because it's so new!! It's annoying though it took so long to diagnose. But like you say it explains so many things!! I'm doing ok thanks. Just returned to work yesterday.. Been off since December with a ruptured ovation cyst. Was in agony but it now feels good to be back at work. Maybe she will keep the fibroid there unless it starts to cause problems? I've been jotting down questions as in seeing my consultant today.. But that would be a good question for you to ask them. Dos you know when you are going to your consultation? Xxx

  • You poor thing, great that you're back on your feet though. Hope you can ease yourself back into work gently. I'm sort of hoping the fibroid stays put but if it's an issue, I've finally found a gynaecologist I trust so if she needs to remove it, that's ok too. Not sure when my next appointment is but she said a couple of weeks. Hope you're appointment goes well, I'm here if you need anyone to chat to afterwards. X 

  • Good luck  with your recovery Rebecca and be gentle with yourself.  Reading your post gives me hope as I am yet to be diagnosed.  As much as I don't want it to be Endo I can't help but think a diagnosis would at least tell me I am not inventing this awful pain and discomfort.  

    Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  • I know exactly what you mean, as horrible as endometriosis can be, it's such a relief to be told what it is. No matter how many times people tell you you're not crazy for feeling like you do, you do have moments of doubt that you're imagining some parts of it so it's good to know. I have no idea what's next and if I'll feel a lot or just a little bit better but being on the road to recovery helps after 6yrs of wandering. I wish you heaps of good luck, feel free to let me know how you get on. Xxx

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