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Lap tomorrow

Hi everyone :)

I have my first laparoscopy tomorrow so hopefully we can get some answers.

Does anyone have any tips for preparation/afterwards? My husband will be on hand to help me, but I'm just wondering if there was anything anyone found particularly helpful.

Also- I have to be at the hospital for 7.. Should this mean I technically should be seen fairly early? I'm petrified and hope I don't have to wait around all day getting myself wound up! 

Thank you xxx

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Hi Hun I'm afraid just because you have to be there at 7 you could have a wait or you could be first on the list. Take a book or something to help pass the time. Also get some peppermint tea for the gas pain. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes and you might want a pillow to put under the seatbelt on the way home. Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.


I agree with JeanOsborne - you might wait a while. I had to come in to hospital for 7.45am, but I didn't have my laparoscopy until 11am, a bit to wait when you're nervous/hungry/thirsty. Take a book/magazine/tablet to distract you. And afterwards have plenty of rest. Good luck! 


My first one I only waited an hour but the second one I waited 5 hours, all depends on the surgeon!

A pillow for the car journey home is useful if you have a way to go. 

I used a hot water bottle for the gas pain and it really really helped me!

I took slip on shoes so I didn't have to bend down, baggy clothes, big Bridget Jones knickers so didn't go near the incisions. 

Good luck, I hope it goes well and you recover quick! Xx


check this link, I really wish to read that before going through my lap.


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i have no other tips than what has been said but just wanted to say good luck for the morning x


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