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I have endo stage 2 and I'm 26years old, I came off the pill 5 months ago and my pain somehow sorted its self out all on its own, they told me I had a slim chance of ever getting pregnant without help of another lap or IVF !! Which really upset me! So like I said I stopped the pill 5 months ago and now I have fell pregnant 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀!!! 4 weeks pregnant today and I'm over the moon xxxxxxx.      So all your girls out there stop worrying because it makes your worse! What will be... WILL BEE xxxxxz

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Congratulations hunny and good luck


Congratulations!!! Am sure you are delighted! Completely agree with this, docs gave us a very bad prognosis and caused no end of stress. We like you fell preg quickly.

Take it super duper easy until 12 wks, lots of rest and no running about! Enjoy your pregnancy xxx

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Aw well done hunny, very good to hear this and wonderful for ladies on here that are going through similar, make sure you take it easy, and enjoy your pregnancy, xxx


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