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Pregnant but a little worried

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Hey! My last post was about my 'Dimitri box' still getting round to it as busy life has taken over. I found out last week im about 5 weeks pregnant...which is amazing news and I cannot believe its happened so fast for me. I thought it would take at least 6 months. However Im bleeding and having pains as usual...has anyone else found this? I know endo sufferers have more risk of miscarraige but the doctors weren't really helpful at all about my concerns. Has anybody else had this and all been fine? Frankie x

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Hey first of all congratulations!! I'm bow currently 29 weeks pregnant with my miracle little girl . I still have extreme pain and bleed sometimes ive ended up in hospital five times already but everything with the baby is fine and she is growing well its just me who is struggerling. The pain is very hard to keep under control as I cannot take my strong tablets because of baby but it will all be worth it in 11 week . Hope your pregnancy goes well for you and congratulations again xxx

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Franchie in reply to BeckyyHopee

Thank you :) I am very excited and noe feeling more comforted knowing someone else has the same sort of thing. I hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and also birth xx

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BeckyyHopee in reply to Franchie

Thank you :) hope you don't have to much pain. I have a very good midwife and every time I have bled or been in extreme pain she has sent me to the hospital to make sure baby is okay. Fingers crossed you get a good one too xx

Hi franchie

Sorry to hear about yr worries. I'm 6 weeks on Tuesday and have been bleeding since Friday lunch time! Soooo scary isn't it. I have severe endometriosis and had Ivf. Never been pregnant before so just don't know what to think. My GP and clinic said on Friday don't panic yet. Just get lots of rest and put yr feet up all weekend. They said no point going to a and e as I'm not far gone enough to have a scan, which is obviously frustrating. Clinic said it is common to bleed in the early stages, it's just I had such bad cramps on Friday, that you can't help but think the worst. So I know how you feel, I really do.

I am going to wait until Monday and if I'm still bleeding I may pop to the local hospital as at 6 weeks surely they can detect something?! Particularly when at 7 weeks you can hear a heart beat.

Just don't over do it for few days and see if it eases off. If it doesn't ring yr GP again and insist of being checked out. You may be able to get an internal exam if not a scan

Take care and I hope it all goes well for you xx

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LeyaC in reply to Hope23

They can scan at 6 weeks but you only see a little tiny blip on the scan so don't be too disheartened id they cant see anything because its hard to detect still on a scan. You may well have got a very good embryo and be able to see it. But like I said if they say they cant see anything, just wait as it is difficult to be sure this early with a scan, you little bean just needs to be a little bigger before you can see him/her. Good luck with the rest of pregnancy and everyone rest up and hold on to hope :) sending best wishes to everyone xxx

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Hope23 in reply to LeyaC

Many thanks for yr reply. As you say tough call, as I don't want to be even more upset if they can't see anything, but equally I just don't know if I'm still pregnant. The bleeding Friday was pretty heavy. But calmed down yesterday and even less today

If I do a urine test even if I have miscarried the hormone would probably still be detected anyway. Arrgh!!

Thanks again xx

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Franchie in reply to LeyaC

Thank you! Such lovely comforting replies xxx

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Franchie in reply to Hope23

Thank you so much! My GP basically said rest and keep doing pregnancy tests and if im not pregnant anymore it was a miscarraige! I wasnt reassured much to say the least. Im feeling a lot better reading these replies. I have an early scan tomorrow they think im about 6 weeks ish. But they are wrong as I know when I was able to be sexually active im less than that so I dont think anything will show up. Xx

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LeyaC in reply to Franchie

They always go from the last day of your period which isn't accurate at all but you may be surprised by the outcome. Best wishes and stay calm and distract yourself, stress will only make things worse. Congrats too xxx

Hi Franchie,

firstly congratulations !!!

I too suffered with pain and bleeding at around 7 weeks and I was convinced I was going to loose my baby. I was given an early scan at 8 weeks and everything was fine, they said it was probably implantation bleeding or just my crazy hormones !! Try not too worry and dont read into every niggle and ache !! enjoy this magical time! After the initial blip my endo settled down for the rest of my pregnancy xx

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