Joint / bone pain?

Hi Folks 

I hope you are all doing well.

Just wondering...has anyone experienced joint and possibly bone pains as part of endo or its treatment?

Quick history : diagnosed with severe endo after laparotomy in Nov last year; treated with zoladex for 3 months then went straight to ivf (unfortunately didn't work but think maybe too much going on with this body of mine). I'm back at work 4 days a week, soon to return full time.

 Had first normal period after ivf 2 weeks ago - all OK, if a bit heavy, pleased to report though not as painful and previous regular migraines seem much less. Following this period though, joint pains kicked in and don't know if bone pain also, but I'm noticeably stiff and sore every day. I had reactive arthritis a few years back, not sure if it's kicking off after all the hormones, surgery etc. I look exhausted again and feel the same. Got hospital appt in couple of weeks, hopefully we'll find out what's going on but just wondered if anyone else has experienced these pain and exhaustion symptoms?

Thank you all so much. X💗

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  • Hi, I have back and hip and pelvic bone pain. But not too sure if it's bone or just that area, are you being seen at a bsge centre, if you have servers endo, you should only be operated on at a bsge centre by a specialist, good luck, I hope you get some answers, 

  • Thank you Tboag, sorry to hear you are having this pain though. I've managed to fine a bsge centre in our next city - although our hospital appointment is with a different fertility clinic and gynaecologist with specialist endo experience who carried out my surgery, but I'm going to ask if I can be referred there asap. 

  • Hi Carrie, Zoladex can cause bone and joint pain which can persist once Zoladex has stopped. Did you have hrt add back with it? Zoladex can effect bone density so it might be worth asking GP for a dexa? Scan to check there is no loss.

  • Thank you Jean, this is really useful to know - unfortunately no hrt was given with the zoladex, but I'm definitely going to ask GP for the dexa to make sure everything is OK. I've heard a few women say they increase their calcium intake / add supplements after a course of zoladex too - I'll check with GP asap and hopefully get it all sorted. Thanks very much again.

  • I had bone and joint pain and it turned out I was deficient in vitamin D. I am not sure if it was linked to endo, but I know it is common in other inflammatory disorders like MS etc.  I would ask your GP to do a blood test for you. Once I was on the supplements the pain disappeared. xx

  • Thank you very much for this Miwa - I will definitely get this checked, many thanks! XXX

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