Tail bone pain

I'm hoping someone can help me from thinking I'm mad. Does anyone else suffer with tail bone pain. I can't sit for long or lie on my back due to the pain. I am currently on zoladex injections to stop my ovaries from working. This has stopped my periods and the associated pain but not touched my tail bone pain. It seems to be increasing . If anyone else has similar pain I would really appreciate you letting me know. Starting to think I'm going mad and it's not endo now. Xxxx

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  • Your not going mad. I suffer really bad with tail bone pain too x

  • Thank god for that. What is happening with your treatment plan.

  • Yep me too! I had excision surgery 12 months ago for endo and had the mirena coil fitted, my periods have gone considerably lighter but I only got pain relief for a couple of months. Tail bone/rectal pain has got increasingly worse the last few months. My endo specialist referred me to a bowel specialist, a ct scan came back clear, now I'm waiting to hear from my endo specialist for a hysterectomy for adenomyosis. I am currently alternating between sitting on my left ass cheek and my right. :(

  • Hi

    You have my sympathy.i have terrible pain on the left hand side of my sacrum.

    It like having crushed glass pushed into the joint. I haven had two endomtreomias removed from the same side so I'm wondering if in my case it is that.

    Hope yours eases soon,


  • Hi I have had this and been all round the houses trying to find out what it is . My MRI showed my sacroiliac joint was inflamed. A reason for this is autoimmune which would link in with endo. I started pilates which helps. Also going on an anti inflammatory diet helps cutting out wheat and dairy. Google sacroilitis and see if this relates to your symptoms.

  • My tailbone pain was associated with endo scarring to my uterosacral ligaments. These ligaments span from the tailbone to the pelvis and basically keep your uterus in place. If you have endometriosis on them it can make them stiffer and less flexible which creates the lower back pain whether you are having periods or not. After surgery for this my tailbone pain cleared completely and now I am very much pain free. I am not much of a believer in taking meds for endometriosis, they only stop your periods they do not take away the damage that has already been done. My personal opinion is excision surgery is the best way to achieve relief. Of course there is always a risk of the endometriosis returning after surgery so it is personal choice but after two surgeries I am now pain free and 18 weeks pregnant.

  • It's the Zoladex. It shuts down the production of oestrogen in your ovaries. When the oestrogen levels are low or non-existent the ligaments become less taut, and no longer hold the hips and pelvis as tightly as they once did and you will experience tailbone pain. This is called the coccyx. If I were you I'd stop taking Zoladex as it is not a cure for endo and has many potentially longterm side effects. Find an accredited endo specialist who will remove your endo by surgery. Find one here bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

  • Thanks for your reply. It really helps. I have had my coccyx pain for over a year now and it's getting worse with every period. I've been put on zzoladex for two reasons, to prepare for a hysterectomy and to see If the pain goes away. Obviously stomach cramps etc have gone but not pain in my coccyx. Grr. I haven't been offered any other exploratory surgery grr. Will certainly look at the Web link. Thanks for responding. It helps

  • Why do you need a hysterectomy? Do you have adenomyosis? Are they planning to remove your ovaries?

  • Thank you for all your responses. It really helps having other people to talk to going through the same thing

  • Just wanted to share that my worst continous pain was coccyx/rectal and lumbar. I had an MRI which showed adenomyosis was offered hysterectomy. However, I was scared to go ahead before trying other options and paid privately to see an osteoppath. He was the only who immediately put my MRI disc on his hard-drive (oops! Could sound rude?!!?!!! Hehe) to actually look at my anatomy. I could clearly see my inflamed uterus laying against my poor squashed rectum and a overly curved lumbar region which meant an inwardly curved coccyx bone! After months of thinking my only hope was to remove the offending uterus, I found that ten sessions of electrode and laser therapy on my coccyx and one sessiion of internal osteopathy worked like magic.

    My periods are still horrendous, I get days of discomfort and bowel issues but I am not suffering 24/7 like I was.

    Might be worth getting to see a traumatologist and then referred for xray and pt if necessary. Don't mention endo unless you need to!

  • Do you also get constipated? I have endo and tailbone pain but i also suffer from chronic constipation. I spend most nights convinced i have cancer. All tests keep comin up negative. So frustrating not knowing whats goin on with your own body

  • I recently had a cyst moved from my right ovary and recently started thinking I was going crazy but my tailbone started hurting it just seems to be getting worse can't seem to stand for long periods or sit down without discomfort any ideas for being more comfortable xx

  • Hi I have same as you my gyno wants me to have mirena as periods very heavy pain in my tailbone awful spot on 2 weeks before bleed i struggle to get out of a chair as the pressure hurts so much. I don't want a mirena really don't get on with synthetic hormones, I've had a laparoscopy found endo on ligaments and bowel apparently not much there but why do I get this so much then. He wants to try zoladex next. I feel that there is a major issue with that area and don't know what to do.

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