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Got severe endo and adenomyosis.. just had a failed round of IVF, and due to the IVF drugs no longer being in my system now , I'm back in endo agony... I'm allergic to morphine based painkillers and I'm yet to find a pain killer that works for my back pain. I'm on Naproxen but it doesn't do much either. Does anyone have any 'good' pain killers to recommend?!

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  • I'm so sorry about your failed Ivf, I have found feminax works wonders for me x

  • Thanks. I'll give Feminax a go. Really appreciate the response - and on IVF, we have a follow up appointment next week so hopefully we can try again :(

  • Your welcome, fingers crossed for you x

  • Thoughts are with you. What a hard time for you. X x

  • Thank you. Never been on a forum before but it's nice to know people are out there who know how rubbish this all is too x

  • It's so lovely talking to people who understand, my husband and I were deciding if and when to go for Ivf after having a lovely little girl already we we so undecided what's the best thing for our family.... Since being on here we decided we are going for it now!! And I made the phone call today, just hope I can cope with it all. How are you feeling now? X

  • Feeling okay, very upset that it didn't work but I can reassure you to say that I didn't find the process of IVF (we had ICSI) too bad at all. You'll be fine. Go for it! The injections don't really hurt and the nasal spray just tastes a bit nasty when it drips down the back of your throat. The main thing I found difficult was the diary time it takes up, and the waiting - every appointment could be the end of things (hard not to be negative!). You wait to see if you respond the drugs, wait to see if you get to egg collection, then how may eggs, then whether you get to transfer, then the 2 wk wait etc etc... sorry to sound moany but I find the waiting was the trickiest bit for me. The no control and the waiting. Great that you're going for it though but worried they'll say that the Endo was the main problem....- We're definitely going to try again :( x GOOD LUCK !

  • Oh you go ahead after what you have been through you deserve to tell it your way and the truth, it must be heartbreaking for you!! I would rather know the honest truth. I'm worried about the diary time & also work I don't really want to tell any one we are going for Ivf but at this rate will have no choice. I don't want the heartache of saying it didn't work I would rather talk to you guys on here that actually understand. My husband and I will probably be going for icsi too!! I think if mine fails I would consider going to another clinic depending on costs, what will you do? What was the nasal spray for? Didn't know about that lol!! I really feel for you & wish there was something we could do to ease your pain. X x x

  • Sorry to read your news .been their my self 3 times the waiting is the wors thing fingers crossed for your next go . I would try feminax they 2 a stronger one over the counter x

  • Thanks, I'll give it a go with the over the counter ones - and make an opp with the doctor to try and get something stronger there too. Thanks for responding x

  • Hi, I had a failed ivf cycle last year and I was in absolute agony when my period started. The ivf consultant prescribed microgynon for me for 3months which didn't help either. What did help me was changing my diet and cutting out sugar and dairy from my diet. I had a lap in September and started my period on the day of the lap, I couldn't believe that I didn't even know I had started as I didn't feel a thing. Usually I'm bent double in pain before my period even begins. I've just had another lap less than a week ago to remove my fallopian tubes and will be going back for my secondcycle in a couple of months when I've recovered from the op. Has the clinic suggested a reason that your ivf didn't work ? X

  • Hi, thanks for this. Yep, I was prescribed microgynon too and it didn't do anything. I had a lap in July but don't feel it's changed anything. Going for our follow up IVF appointment next week so will know more then... urgh. Gosh, having your fallopian tubes removed sounds awful.. Throughout this process they also found out I only have 1 ovary (genetically) so that was another blow. Good luck for your second cycle. x

  • Hi, don't be too disheartened about having only one ovary, as long as your producing a good number of follicles when being stimulated you'll be fine. You only need one or two good quality fertilized eggs to increaseyour chances of pregnancy in the end. It can still happen.

    It's definitely worth finding out why the cycle failed and sorting out any problems before you go for the next cycle as it will probably increase chances of next cycle working if you do and avoid more heartache. Yes fallopian tube removal wasn't great, especially as surgeon couldn't find my left one amongst all adhesions the first time round so I had to go back for another lap so he could do some more digging and eventually found it.

    Good luck with your next cycle too. Xx

  • Just a word of warning. Feminax is just either ibuprofen or Naproxen depending on which version you get. You won't be able to take any other NSAIDs when taking it so your normal Naproxen for example. You would be better off going back to your doctor for advice as they can advise on combinations which are safe, for example paracetamol and ibuprofen.

  • I suffer with back pain from an injury and confirmed endometriosis. I find muscle relaxants helpful. I use baclofen in the day time which is used to treat muscle spasm as it does not make me drowsy and another for bad nights. Endep (amytripyline) was good to control nerve pain but stalled my weight loss. I was allergic to nerve pain drug Lyrica. I hope you have a doctor that can work with you to find medication that helps you to live with your pain. Goodluck with that and IVF

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