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Immune system on the floor - not sure where to turn

I have endometriosis but it's behaving itself at the moment - scans are clear of cysts and pain manageable. I'm 46 so menopause is not far away although no signs yet. (Had an ovarian cyst removed 5 years ago)

I am used to fatigue but since October my immune system has been on the floor: viral conjunctivitis for three months (visited Moorfields twice); three colds; two 48 hour stomach bugs; two chest infections (antibiotics for the last bought); four cold-sores (I usually get one a year); depression; lethargy; tired all the time (often on rising); feeling cold.

Supplements: Fereglobin during menstruation (liquid iron); vitamin C; Solgar multivits; evening primrose; vitamin D.

The doctor's surgery have told me my results are 'normal'

Blood test results of note:

Ferritin - 13.9 (13-150)

B12 - 483 (197-771)

Vit D - 98 (50-250)

TSH - 0.5 (0.30-4.20)

'Abnormal - no action':

Serum Alkaline Phosphatase - 33 (35-129)

Haematocrit - 0.36 (0.37-0.50)

Im not sure whether to get private Thyroid tests done or not. - Any thought?

My iron is low - can anyone recommend another iron supplement?

Thank you for your time

(I've posted this on the Thyroid site too but no response as yet)

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Have you had your cortisol levels checked? It needs to be checked with a blood test in the morning around 8:00 a.m. After suffering years of pelvic pain, my adrenal glands stopped working and I developed secondary Addison's disease. I was SO tired all the time, and receive the diagnosis of "chronic fatigue". Addison's disease or adrenal insufficiency is a dangerous disease, so it would be a good idea to rule it out! I did my own research and asked for this test. My cortisol was VERY low, and the cause of fatigue!

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Sorry this is such a delayed reply as I've only just joined, but I want to recommend Spatone to you as the best iron supplement on the planet, as far as I'm concerned. I've had Stage IV endometriosis, uterine fibroids and a long gynae history of scans and surgery etc. To cut a long story short, I was severely anaemic and Spatone was an almost immediate help to me. I got my energy back within a few days of taking it, literally.

You can buy Spatone from Boots or Amazon. It is a naturally iron-rich mineral water from a unique source in Snowdonia, and they filter/purify it and package into single one-a-day sachets. It does not cause any of the issues of iron tablets and is highly absorbable by the body and you cannot overdose on it. The body needs Vitamin C to absorb iron into the body properly so take Spatone in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of orange or apple juice or something similar (not grape juice, as it affects absorption) - or you can buy the Spatone sachets that are already mixed with apple juice.

It isn't expensive and honestly anyone with iron deficiency/anaemia and fatigue associated with that will hopefully feel the huge benefit that I did from taking it. Such a gentle, natural source of iron and really makes a huge difference to quality of life and energy etc. Before I started taking it I hardly had any energy and normal life felt like climbing Everest every day. After taking it for a few days I was up ladders spring cleaning the whole house and had masses of new energy. Amazing stuff and I have taken it ever since for the past 16 years.

Best of luck and hope anyone who reads this benefits from the advice. xxx


Iron supplement should be taken from the doctor because with Endo there is a higher risk of cancer at your age. A doctor would prescribe a different type of iron!

Vit K2 and coenzyme 10 would be helpful. All vitamins work much better when taken with Vit C 1000mg. Vit D3 is far better than basic Vit D! Omega oils as well. If you have been on Zoladex the Thyroid, Thanus and Pituitary Glands may have changed their function which takes several months to return to normal. You maybe going menopausal, a blood test would show this. It is normal to feel tired of this I'd the case. Be kind to yourself, rest more, take more time to make choices with brain fog. Best wishes x

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Hi, just reading your reply and wondered if you knew about having to take Zoladex with an Underactive Thyroid? I have been prescribed to have it for 3 months before I have a hysterectomy to subside the endo and stop my periods but my thyroid levels are perfect atm and am worried? J x


Your Thyroid is probably a effect by Zoladex. I expect you have been on it awhile or perhaps 40? Mine went like that for a few months. Be careful as 12 mths later I started speaking fast, got bad menopause and cognitive problems started which gave me inflammation of the brain and a weird depression. It is a good drug. Maybe it's time to take a break or change medication.


It is all linked, as eating food with soya or histamines in. You do have, adhesions, scares and probably nerve damage. Every thing has its limitations. You will be a very, very fortunate woman not to have a kick back or like me still ill.


Hello there dear friend? How are you? I hope that everything is fine at your end. I have been thinking about your problem for while... I don't think this makes that much sense. I ain't a doctor or something. So don't get mad at me if I am making a mistek or anything. Also don't get this very seriously I might be completely wrong. Listen to your doctors and youll be fine hopefully. It's just that I find it weird, are you sure that there isn't something else causing all these symptoms? Like low immune system... I mean what you have would manifest at your results too. I am just shocked a little that your results are clean and the symptoms are here. Anyway take good care dear. I will pray to god that this passes by as soon as possible. God bless you!


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