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Mirena or Zoladex

Hi everyone

So I had a Laparoscopy in Sept 15 and pain is all the time in Pelvis. I have taken microgynon back to back with no relief and im now on Cerazette back to back and the pain is getting worse. Not a day goes by when im pain free. I take 30mg of co codamol which doesn't touch the pain and have just started taking mefenamic Acid. I have been told I can have the Mirena or the zoladex injections I know it varies from person to person I just wondered what people thought best. Thanks xxx

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Hi - the pains you described in your previous post suggest you may have had deep endo that has been missed. Do you know where it was found at your lap? If not I suggest you obtain the operative report and come back. Hormone meds willl have little effect on deep disease so I suspect you are going to need to be seen by someone with more expertise. Where are you in the UK?


Hi thanks for getting back to me. I live in Lincoln uk. When I had Endo removed they said it was only a small amount and that was it. Ive tried to get hold of specialist today with no luck as im only a month and a half into this pill and they want me to wait 4 months to be seen. I can't wait any longer im struggling day to day

And I have 2 children 3&6 and i don't know what to do now xxx


Endo is often missed in general gynaecology. They are specialists in just that - 'general' gynaecology which includes endo but not in any detail. So I should get a referral to a specialist centre. Click on my name and look at my post on how to access one - as you are in Englamd you have a right under NHS Choices to see whoever you want and have a right to asecond opinion under Good Medical Practice. Referral can be made by a GP. Be sure to read all the links. x

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Thank you so much for your help I will look now xx


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