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Mixing Mirena and Zoladex etc

Hi, I have a question: can I have Mirena and other jabs at the same time?

I remember my consultant was talking about it as if having them together.

Anyone having two different types of hormone treatment to get a maximum effect?

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I only have a Mirena in place at present but look forward to getting out soon. I have not heard of this particular combination that you mention but I have heard of women with endo using a mirena and the pill at the same time, so,everthing very good effect. Did you ask them why they thought this combination would be good for you ?


yes, Miracle77, I needed to ask this to my gynea, sure! I have got a Mirena now and sort of working but feels more is needed to prevent endo spreading so exploring options...



I have been on Zoladex (a total of 16 months), I have never heard of it being used with the coil. I was on Zoladex with HRT.

Hope this helps



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I had the coil and 6 months of prostap and hrt at the same time, as you still need to be on some form of contraceptive while having hormone therapy. Didn't work for me though and had horrendous side effects, but it does help many women and always worth a try!

Good luck

Charlotte xx

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Hi, I had 6 months of prostap whilst I had a mirena coil in. Finished the injections about 12 months ago and have been pain free since then. I may just be one of the lucky ones that it worked for but its worth a try!

Charlotte x


Thanks , Charlotte, it is very good to hear your outcome, so I can have the combination option, too! x


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