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Hi peeps, saw consultant yesterday due to endo, I'm 31. I had my first zoladex injection yesterday just before lunch, gyne said if this stops period and pain will go ahead with hysterectomy. now today I feel like I've got full blown flu!! Anyone else relate?

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Hi I'm sorry I can't offer help or advise, I'm having my first zoledex injection tomorrow and am quite worried about the possible side effects. Am interested in what others advise you.

I do hope it's a coincidence and you feel well soon xx

Yes. Im currently on my second course. Ive had breakthrough bleeding, more pain and feel like cr*p. Only got a 3 month course this time, luckily. Mine didnt work last time and i doubt will work this time. But ive tried everything else! Progesterone only/combined pills without breaks. Surgery and zoladex twice and my endo is still active. Hope it works for you! Xx

Hi! Are you taking any hrt? I take livel or lival (not sure how it's spelt) and that really helps me. Have heard a lot of ladies need to ask for this when their symptoms are bad but luckily I was given it straight away.

Hope that helps.

Hi, I'm on my 3rd monthly zoladex implant and had my laparoscopy last week to remove a large cyst, endo tissue, and put my left ovary back (it was down stuck to my uterus).

I know there is a lot of fear around this drug but it worked wonders for me allowing the surgeon to do all this work without any damage to my reserves.

The side effects I've had is belly fat and zero labido. Plus the hot flashes that started about 3 weeks in (but being cold blooded I haven't minded the warmth!)

Good luck, rest up and I'm sure your body will level out when it gets used to the drug.

Thank's ladies...I've tried everything else and like I say gyne said if this works it's a full hysterectomy! Felt fine day one, like I had full blown flu yesterday and marginally better today. No side effects as such yet just the flu like feeling. Tbh I hope it works and they just take the lot xx

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Having just had a hysterectomy, I can only say that you need to think long and hard before having it done and it is not something to rush into, especially if you are on the young side. Are you being seen at a bsge centre and has excision surgery been attempted?

No not taking hrt....gyne said could be given it if needed though x

Yes we have tried everything else...I'm at my worst end

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Wits not worst 😑

Been going on since I was 22 😑

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Is this your first time on the gnrh analogues (prostap/zoladex etc)?

Yeah first time x

Hi there, how are you getting on? I had my first and hopefully only implant a week ago and have got spotting, right ovary pain, period like cramping, lower back pain and bloating that makes me look pregnant. I am booked in to have a TCRE on the 20th September. Hope you are feeling a bit better x

Hi i had prostap injection back in april. I can relate to your pain. I felt like i had been run over. This is to do with your bones. The injection brings you into the menopause temporarily which has unwanted side effects, joint pain, hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings. I only had the 1 injection whilst i was waiting for my hysterectomy. I am 5 weeks post op and still having the side effects. Have they offered you hrt? This helps with the side effects but causes its own. I had to come off it. So now I'm on amitriptyline to help me sleep due to the severe night sweats waking me up. I'm just hoping it clears off soon i really am at the end of my tether with it. On the plus side my pains have ceased. Hope you get the support needed to help you through the whole process.

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