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Hi all,

Just seeing who else has been put on zoladex injections whilst waiting for surgery?

I have a few close friends who are also endo sufferers and not once have they been offered this drug - just bit confused how consultants can have such different approaches!

I am having to take HRT as bounce back therapy as the side effects from Z were awful! Been getting monthly injections for 8 months now, was supposed to only be 6 but waiting lists are long!!

It would just be really nice to find someone else who has been on zoladex for this long prior to surgery and if it actually helped with the laproscopy?

12 Replies
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hey, I too am on the wait list and start Zolodex & HRT this week. It was offered to me 6 months ago as a temporary relief from symptoms as I feel, compensation for such a long waiting list. I’ve enquired as to expected dates for booking, this has now been pushed from 40 weeks to 55 weeks! Hence why I have now decided to take up the offer of Zolodex.

I am actually really nervous about having injections because of what I have read about the side effects but am assured that the HRT will help.

Would be keen to know your experiences.

Thanks 😊

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hi I am also waiting for surgery and this is my 8th month of zolodex. Was only planning to be 6 months. I also take HRT which balances out the symptoms. I would say up until 6 months the symptoms were ok. A few hot sweats. My skin has been really bad though. I don't ever sufffer with my skin and have from about 3months in getting painful cystic acne around my jaw and cheeks. I have in the last month been having a bit of anxiety which I've never suffered before. So Gyne agreed to stop the injections and try the pill again.

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Hi.Been on zoladex injections for three years now, whilst still waiting for my hysterectomy. I was told by my nurse that I could only be on them for a maximum of three years but my consultant seems to think that it's ok to be on them longer. I know that they have stopped the damage getting worse with my endometriosis but I don't know whether they would have helped me with the laparoscopic whenever that maybe....

Hope this helps.

Em x

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I’ve had Zoladex a few years ago, drs tend to use Prostap injections instead now which I have been on before too as the needle is much nicer. I’m currently on prostap again whilst waiting for surgery but my previous times I was on them for over a year.

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KlP28 in reply to Keely88

Hi, I also have Prostap injections every month, & on HRT to counter balance symptoms. Have you found they give you any pain relief? My first 2 injections, I got very exited as my level of pain seemed much better, but injections 3-6 nothing. Thanks! X

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Keely88 in reply to KlP28

The first time I had them a few years ago they really helped all the way through. I’ve only had one so far this time but I’ve had constant pain since July and it’s definitely eased a little in 2 weeks. Do you have the monthly or 3 monthly ones? X

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KlP28 in reply to Keely88

The monthly injections. HRT everyday. X

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Keely88 in reply to KlP28

I found the 3 monthly ones work better for me. I’ve not had to start HRT yet but will with my next one. X

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I had zoladex injections , it was used for pain management but unfortunately never helped me , the hot flushes were horrendous.

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been on Zolodex for over a year now. My MRI showed Endo in The Pouch of Douglas. After my 2nd lap I was told it was no longer there by My Consultant Endo Specialist Surgeon.

It can shrink Endo…..all of the side effects and the Tibilone HRT were thoroughly unpleasant but up and down - helped with pain management for me. Still on it post lap, which is quite normal.

Hope it helps your body too x x x x

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Hi there, I know how alone you can feel, I felt like this too, I was on prostap which is very much the same as zoladex. I was awaiting a hysterectomy and was on prostap for 2.5 years then had my hysterectomy. Ask me any queries 😊

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Interesting reading all the comments. I started it 2 weeks ago and have already nori improvement in pain but mentally was not prepared for it and the fact I have to have hysterectomy. Was told 3 months on injection and then hysterectomy if jab works.

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