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Endo pain in pregnancy

Hi everyone. I am about 4 weeks pregnant and have some cramps and a slight dull pain. I have no bleeding or spotting and I don't feel too unwell, just a bit of a headache. I know cramps are normal and I know with endo you can have cramps in the early stages. I think I'm just so scared that something bad will happen I just need reassurance to see if anybody else has suffered with this pain in pregnancy. Thank you xx

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How long after you were due on your period did you get a positive pregnancy test?

I'm really hoping I am pregnant as my period is so late but still having negative results :(



Hi Jade

I took a test 2 days before period due date and that was negative and then took 3 all on my period due day and they were positive. I how late is your period? I hope you get the answer you want xxx


I have two children, age 7 and 5. I remember with both pregnancies being achy and really crampy in the early stages but both my pregnancies progressed well with no problems. I really hope everything goes well for you. xx


Thank you xxx


Thankyou, I literally have everything crossed. Im day 35 of my cycle though so would have thought it would have showed positive if I was pregnant.

Just never been this late before and I've been ttc for two years!

Going to buy a different brand of test and a digital one just incase.

How long were you ttc?

Did you feel any different?



I haven't been ttc, I was ment to go for surgery in October to remove endo from cervix, ovaries, bowel, bladder and rectum. So I was not expecting to get pregnant beforehand. So I'm over the moon. Just the cramping is quite worrying and I feel I may be stressing myself out with it xx


Congratulations Im 8 weeks pregnant! I had cramps like that at 4 weeks too

Infact Ive had them every day since finding out (feels like period pains)

Ive been told its normal and had a scan at 6 weeks where everything looked good!

Are you working at the moment



My experience of pregnancy is the same. I had cramping all the way through my pregnancies. 3 healthy babies at the end. I didn't know I had endo. It is worrying when you don't know what's happening. But I hope I can reassure you. My first born is 14 tomorrow. Good luck to you. And congratulations xxx


Ahh that's so lovely Fifi!

Well I'm hoping the cramping is normal too as I found out I am also pregnant!

Worked it out at just over 5 weeks.

So happy!

Nice to know others are in the same boat.

Are you all pregnant with your first?



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