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Ectopic pregnancy - need advice

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I've currently got an ectopic pregnancy and have had an injection of methotrexate to try resolve it instead of the surgery.

I'm worried about conceiving again after this and it happening again cos I know once you've had one the chances of it happening again are higher.

Has anyone on here had one and then successfully got pregnant or had another ectopic? Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me.

I suffer from endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. I had endometriosis removed a year ago but it wasn't found near my ovaries or tubes. I know its returned as an MRI scan suggests it's back on some ligaments but I don't know if its returned else where unless I have another lap - which is now a worry because I know scar tissue can form and block the tubes after surgery.

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Hi there!

Sorry this is happening to you but if it helps I had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in removal of my right tube and I have had 2 more babies after. Hope you feel better soon

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C765 in reply to K1988

Thanks for responding, thank you, it's not been easy as you will know but trying to stay positive. Did they need to check the other tube after you had it? Just don't want it to be blocked and then it happen again

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K1988 in reply to C765

No they didn’t check my other tube at the time of the ectopic surgery but I did get pregnant 3 months after surgery. I had a scan at 5 weeks to check the baby was in the correct place and luckily she was. After I had my baby I had some surgery to burn away adhesions which were from the ectopic and then I got pregnant again. Only thing is now I think I have adhesions again! I had my last baby a year ago now and have all sorts of symptoms possibly have endo so going to try and get that investigated again but it’s an absolute nightmare cos having a lap will probably mean more adhesions! You could ask to have your tube checked? When my adhesions were burnt away he did check my tube and all tho it was stuck to my bowel it was healthy. I never knew that they could see endo on a mri . I moved to a different county recently and my doctors here don’t seem very interested at all which is so annoying! I know a few people that have had an ectopic an then gone on to have a baby. I never had the option to have methotrexate but I hope it works for you rather than having surgery

I’m so sorry your going through this. I had an late ectopic 2014. I had the tube removed at the time. I saw my gynaecologist 6 months later and he performed a laparoscopy to check my tubes and clear the endo. I then went on clomide and had 3 cycles of it. Sadly it didn’t work but the consultant was positive about it. I was in a lucky position that I already had a little girl. I also was in my late 30’s and hubby was 50.

Please give yourselves time. I was very practice post ectopic and got on with life!!! Emotionally it hit me a few weeks later and I really struggled. Don’t rush into trying again give your body and your mind time. Conceiving is easier when your relaxed & happy.

Best wishes and never give up the body is an amazing thing xx

Hi G765! I know the pain of going through ectopic, I've had 2 both of which were treated with methotrexate. Good new is I also have 2 healthy children from normal pregnancies, the ectopic were in between their births. On the down side I experienced years of pain afterwards that was only recently diagnosed as a build up of scar tissue from the ectopic as they were both in my right tube. I had surgery 2 months ago to remove my right ovary and tube and seem to be fine now! Best if luck in your journey to conceive, keep trying!

Thanks everyone for replying and sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I ended up having 2 injections of methotrexate but they didnt work for me and I had to have the surgery to remove the tube on Friday. It's been a long 3 weeks and exhausted from it all :( surgery went well, just resting and recovering now. Thanks again for taking the time to respond ❤❤ xx

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ccsmith in reply to C765

Best wishes in your recovery and please give yourself time physically & emotionally. Xx

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C765 in reply to ccsmith

Thank you for your support! We cant try for 6 months cos I had two injections of methotrexate so it will give me time to heal and get my head round things and I've got another 3 weeks off work so hopefully will have the space I need ❤xx

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