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Wound healing


Hey, I had a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago, had complications with my wound, it got infected and I've had 3 surgeries to 'debride' it (clean it out). I have a VAC dressing on now, I've had it for 4 weeks and it's going to take another 4-6 weeks to heal. Has anyone got any experience of them? It's smelling kind of gross, which I know can happen, but it's totally freaking me out!!


Carey x

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Where the hell are you, Bangladesh?? There is no reason why #1 you have had such a severe infection but #2 that it's taken 3 surgery's to debris it!...there is no excuse for that outcome...and now you have been on a VAC for 4 weeks and you are now having smells coming from the area? Again, I don't know where you are, but if you're in the U.S, you need a new doctor ASAP!! I am so sorry!!

CareyBear in reply to Sardad99

I'm in the uk, there has been error after error in my treatment believe me! It's been horrific. I'm strongly considering a compensation claim for emotional distress and loss of earnings!

I had the dressing changed today, it was fine, the smell is just 'normal' at this stage of healing according to the nurse.. It's healing well now thankfully!

Thank you for confirming all of my thoughts about my care!

Sardad99 in reply to CareyBear

Hi! Glad to hear you're finally getting better! I noticed afterwards you were in the UK, sorry. I don't know how the law works there but it sure sounds like you have a perfect case if there ever was one! When I first read your question I blurted out, "What did they use, a dirty butter knife!?"...there is simply no reason for the condition you're in, something and someone failed you somewhere along the way. I truly hope you're on the path to recovery! :-)

Thank you 😊

I'm getting there! Just hope it's for real this time lol!

Sardad99 in reply to CareyBear

Me too!! Have you considered putting a colloidal silver on your wounds? You can get it on amazon.com or at some health food stores. We store a product called SilverSol in our medicine cabinet and use it for EVERYTHING from swallowing, spraying on wounds for us and our animals, I put it in my animals water to drink to ward off bacteria and it also comes in gel form which I'd recommend to you. You can also get lozenges for sore throats and wipes infused with it for wiping scratches and such. I wouldn't want to be without it. In fact, I'm having a hysterectomy in 2 weeks and will be taking it with me to the hospital and will apply it to my wounds. You can also google it, the difference it can make is huge. Just a thought, take care!

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