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Wound advice

After having a laparoscopy on thursday my partner was rushed in on Friday for emergency surgery. With everything that's be going on, I only last night studied my discharge papers from the hospital. I find they have put down a totally different procedure to what I had done, no wonder that I can't find anything about my wound care. I have no idea what stitches I've got or when my dressings need to come off.

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I would say it would be fine to take the dressing off now. But I would ring where you had it done and they will be able to find out for you.

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Unfortunately it's day ward only open during the week but yes I'm going to take them off. I'm going to contact my gp service tomorrow too. Thank you.


Aw ok. Well most places use dissolveable stitches but even if they aren't, normal stitches stay in for usually at least a week anyway. I had mine 2 weeks ago and the wounds were glue and dissolveable stitches which have only just fell out today after dissolving inside. Hope you get it sorted :)


Sounds like you've had a very stressful time between you both. Hope your partner is OK.

I had my lap last week and was told to take the dressings off whenever I have a shower, let the water run over the wounds rather than actually pointing the water at them or scrubbing, dry with a clean towel and put new dressings on. Did they give you more dressings to use?


Hi ladies I popped in to the ward that did my op today, on the way to visit my man. They said I'd done the right thing taking the dressings off and if I have any problems just to pop back in. And that they would be dissolvable stitches. Thanks for the advice. Oh yes Sandra life is very interesting at the mo, my man should have had another op today but now going to do it tomorrow. Hope both of you are healing well from your operations xxx


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