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Hi ladies

I need your advice! I had my laparoscopy two days ago, op went well and I came home the same day. I have three incision sites - bikini line, belly button and left pelvis which are covered with waterproof plasters. I was instructed by the nurse upon my discharge that I had to keep the dressing on for 3-5 days. She changed the dressing on my belly because it had been leaking a bit and gave me a spare to take home with me in case I needed to change it. I've just come out the bath and changed my dressing because it looked like it had been leaking more than the other sites. Well, I took it off and it's gross. It's itchy and really stinks and turned my stomach (sorry for TMI :-( ) because it looks quite wet still (even though no water has been inside it). I feel ok apart from usual pains after the lap (this is my third). Is the smell normal when the wound is covered like this or is it a sign it could be infected? Sorry if this is a really stupid question but each of my laps have been different in terms of aftercare ... First one I had dissolvable stitches and my wounds were left for the air to get at, the second my wounds were covered in superglue ... This is different again so I'm really worried. I'm going to ring my GP in the morning but I would really appreciate anyone else's experiences of this. Thank you so much, I'm driving myself crazy with worry ... I just wanted to know if this was normal!

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  • Hi Alma_matters

    If the wound is smelling its a sign of infection. Make sure you do phone gp tomorrow or it could turn nasty!!

    Hope you feel better soon:-)

    Nat18 x

  • Could you phone NHS 24?I am in Scotland,so don't know if this is for whole of UK,but must be some out of hours service.You would be able to talk to a nurse or doctor for advice.If it is infected antibiotics will be needed.Certainly smell could indicate infection,but maybe just trapped fluids?Do you have some antiseptic cream to put on or detol/tcp for wound.Would do no harm to do that before you getto see doctorOn second thoughts,it it may be quicker to phone the ward you were in and you could do that right away.Do let us know how you get on.

  • Sounds like a possible infection, it shouldn't be smelling, particularly not enough to turn your stomach. Is there any discharge from it, and does it look red and a bit angry? If so, I'd get to A&E asap because you do not want infection to spread further. Tell them you had a bath too, I'm not sure bathing is the best idea only 2 days after a lap, I was told no to bathe bit that doesn't matter now - go to A&E as infections post op are not good. If you need to clean again, a quick shower is probably best, with water proof dressings on, if they aren't completely healed.

  • Definitely an infection - and you need to address this URGENTLY. Please call the gynae ward that discharged you if your GP can't see you the same day as an emergency appointment.

    You need antibiotics asap.

    Failing that go to A&E tomorrow morning. Try and get seen asap.

  • Thank you everyone, I really appreciate you all taking the time to reply. I am going to ring the ward first thing in the morning and go straight there if my GP won't see me. It did seem to be a bit oozy through the bandage which didn't look too great so thats why I changed it but it was like that before I left hospital too. I'm going to keep it covered until I get seen because it's so sore and itchy I'm scared I'll do more harm than good :-( I will keep you updated how I get on tomorrow.

  • Hi, how are things? I hope you are getting seen / treated today.

  • Hi YellowRose just waiting on my GP to call me back. I rang NHS 111 and they said I needed to be seen by a GP within the next 6 hours. My GP surgery is hopeless - you have to wait till 9.30am to ring up and request a call back from a GP who will then speak to you and decide whether they will see you that day. That's if you can make it past the receptionists! I spent 20 minutes ringing constantly to get through to be told that the earliest the GP would ring me would be at 4.30pm today. I told the receptionist that was ridiculous and she said well, do you consider an infected wound to warrant an urgent call back from the doctor?? Unbelievable! Sorry for the little rant there lol. Fingers crossed I get seen today

  • In all seriousness honey i think you should call them back and ask to speak to either a GP within the next few hours or the practice manager to make a complaint. Receptionists should not be making a comment as to the urgent medical nature of your problem. They are not medically qualified and its very dangerous for them to behave in such a manner.

    i had a post op infection and it stunk worse than anything i had smelt, it kind of lingered around me too (sorry that sounds gross) but some super strong anti biotics sorted it out!

    hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks Cloudyrain. I was thinking the exact same thing but the GP rang me an hour ago and made me an appointment at 4 today to see the district nurse, otherwise I would've complained! I know they're only trying to do a job but like you said it's crazy that they're the ones who make the judgement call which decides whether a doctor can see you.

    I know what you mean regarding the 'smell' of it, it's minging! I'm scared to take the dressing off again :-@ poor nurse lol xx

  • I'm sure they have smelt worse don't worry! Hope the nurse sorts you out and you feel better soon x

  • Hope u r ok? Wishing you well x

  • Possibly bathe it in salt water and defo contact g.p just to be sure it's not an infection

  • Hi everyone I'm back from the doctors and everything's ok thankfully.The nurse checked the wound and even though it smells minging she said its normal and would smell worse if it was infected. She cleaned and redressed it and I have to go back on Friday to get the incisions and stitches checked in case they don't dissolve properly. So pleased I got it checked out in any case so I know for sure :-) Thank you for all your replies and well wishes ladies, I'm really grateful for your help xxx

  • It's better to use HYDROCOL, an absorbant and keeps the incision area dry. After that use LINEZOLID 600 mg OD for 10 days. Also clean the wound with PEROXIDE / DOCTORS' SPIRIT. It would get rid off your dead yellowish cells thereby speeding up the healing

    With regards

    Dr.Anupam Prasad

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