Wound care

Wound care

Hi ladies

I had my lap last week and so far recovery has been fine for me.

I took a dressing off one of my wounds last night and didn't put another back on to try get some air to it. I've noticed today that I've got a red rash all around it.

Is it the wound that's infected or an allergy to the dressing? If it is an allergy to the dressings I have im not sure what else I could use to cover it up, any advice?

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  • The square nature of it would suggest to me it's the dressing. But if it's more sore than it was, leaking, pulling or hot got get it checked out just to be sure.

  • A reaction to the dressing . I'm exactly the same. The wound itself looks great considering it's only a week on.

  • That's a reaction to the plaster 😊 I get them all the time. Hope your recovery is going well xxxx

  • Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for your responses. I thought it would be a reaction to the dressing but im such a worrier! I just wanted to double check as I haven't had a dressing on since yesterday and wondered why it was still red raw!

    Do you have any ideas on what I could use to cover the wound as I don't want to irate my skin but don't want to constantly leave it uncovered!?

    Recovery is going amazing! I had my lap last Tuesday and went back to work this Monday. I've had little aches or pain and my wounds seem to be healing fine. I feel so lucky!

    Thanks so much for your help :)xxx

  • I bought some dressings from savers that I found I was ok with, plus they're cheap. Glad recovery is going so well.

  • Thank you so much! :)x

  • Try boots hypoallergenic plasters and dressings. I've never tried them myself but I've searched them up in the past and they seem to have good reviews and most people that are allergic to normal plasters seem to come off better off xxxx

  • Thank you for your help- I really appreciate it! I will go have a look for them!

    Not sure how long you are meant to keep scars covered with dressings for, I just dread getting an infection!

    Thanks :)xxx

  • I think it's around a week isn't it? I'm not 100% sure I'm still waiting for my laparoscopy. Probably won't get it till may 😞 Really glad your recovery is going well 😊 Take care Xxx

  • Aw I really feel for you- waiting around is awful, especially when you're in so much pain!

    Fingers crossed that you get seen soon!! Keep chasing the hospital to see if they have you a date. Seems like you're been annoying however I have heard a few people who have been seen quicker from chasing!

    Hope you're doing okay and good luck with your lap. Hope you get the answers you're looking for. :)xxx

  • Thankyou hun😊 I will chase it up, and hopefully I'll get somewhere. I could cope with the wait of the pain wasn't so bad. But it's agonising. Thankyou so much for your well wishes means a lot 😊 Xxxxx

  • No problem- completely understand how you feel!

    Is it your first lap? I'm my experience so far it is definitely worth the wait. I feel amazing since having it and would do it a thousand times again to not be in the pain I was in before. I really hope its successful for you :)xxx

  • Yeah it's my first lap. I'm so scared I keep having visions of it all going wrong. But I really need it done so my minds in bits. I think your success story has helped though so Thankyou 😊 Xxxxx

  • If you want a chat just drop me a message. It can be so scary when you don't know what to expect! You will be absolutely fine. ❤️ Take care xxxx

  • Awww Thankyou so much ❤️Xxxxx

  • Glad to hear your recovery is going well I had this problem I used Mepore from the pharmacy at Tescos brilliant for people allergic to other dressings, fingers crossed your recovery continues to be strong xx

  • That looks like the allergy to dressings I had. My gp told me just to leave it uncovered, this was on day 4 after my lap xx

  • Thanks for replying. I took my other dressing off last night. Going to leave them both uncovered from now on. :)x

  • I had exactly this! Some plasters you are meant to keep on until they fall off themselves so when you pulled it off, it just irritated the skin

    I used a good quality moisturiser and that sorted it really well!

    If you're worried about having it open, air can do it anyway and it looks pretty good!

    Use smaller plasters if it want to cover it up and leave these on for a little longer

  • I don't thing you need a dressing at this point. I had Miya lap and tubes removed two days ago. My doc did suckers underneath and surgical glue for the top layers with no dressing. All four of my incisions are healing great. My pain is no more than a level three.

    I hade a needle biopsy of my breast a few months back and had a similar reaction to the dressing glue. It healed in time.

    Good luck,

    Susan in Seattle

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