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Bleeding after sex

Hi everyone,

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis.

I don't actually experience pain during sex very often - which made two different consultant gynaecologists sure I didn't have endometriosis along with them both saying my pelvic area felt fine in an examination. Regardless, due to my history of increasing pain I had a laparoscopy and found I DID in fact have endometriosis quite severely in the left side of my pelvis.

I also never had bleeding after sex as a symptom until fairly recently. It's only usually a very very small amount normally immediately after but occasionally the morning after as well. It's defiantly coming from my vagina and isn't due to dryness or a tear. The blood isn't like period blood but instead is quite pink and watery. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this and what it means/is it a worrying symptom/ how can I stop it happening?

I'm also on the combined pill 'millinette' perhaps it could be from that??? I'm sort of presuming it's the endometriosis because I've seen a lot of people mention this as a symptom and I have quite a lot of other symptoms from endometriosis that I continually struggle with.

Thanks for any help


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Are you due a follow up hun, when you see the doctor mention it. Same situation as me only after op they found it. I have pain after sex even foreply sometimes bleeding, and it's causing emotional distress now as in worried about having sex, so not as relaxed anymore and scared it will hurt. The pain, tenderness and that lasts upto a week afterwards.

I've been told to use lube to provide extra lubrication and to talk it through with my partner all the times so we both know what each is thinking and aware. It's really difficult. Xx


No I'm not due for a check up everything's sort of been left at the moment but I might book an appointment with my GP and mention it. Ugh that sounds terrible! I hope they manage to help you!

Do you know why the bleeding happens or if it's worrying?

Thanks for replying x


I don't Hun I'm afraid. Wish I did, I would Hun. No probs xx


I've had this for a few years now. But it doesn't happen every time. I also don't have any pain during sex which has also made some doctors say that I can't have endometriosis. Unfortunately your average GP has no real knowledge of what the symptoms of endo are. I have accepted that the bleeding is part of my symptoms although it can be annoying


Thanks for replying!

Yeh that sounds similar to me. have you been told there's nothing really you can do about it? It doesn't really bother me apart from it was worrying me x


I don't think so unfortunately. It used to worry me before I joined this forum and found that it is quite common.

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Yeh the fact it's so common makes me feel better about it but I've got an appointment and I'm going to mention it to my doctor anyway just to be sure :) thanks for your help x


I can't help too much. I bleed super heavy during and after sex which, probably understandably, has put me right off.

The doctors never seemed overly concerned about it and I haven't yet found a solution :-(

Having said that, every time I have a scan (and when I had hysteroscopy) my uterus is full of blood ... currently undergoing investigations but again, nobody seems too concerned.

Hope you get it sorted, I feel for you, it's a royal pain.


God that sounds dreadful! I hope they can find a solution for you! But thanks for replying and I guess it's a reassurance that they aren't overly concerned (even though it's so annoying when they aren't) cause it means it isn't life threatening or anything serious and just another horrible symptom of endometriosis! :( good luck searching for a solution x


Yes I also have a tiny amount of pinkish blood after sex and no more pain than normal during intercourse.

I had my diagnostic lap in May 2015 and I'm hoping to have excision surgery soon. At the time of my lap I didn't have any vaginal endo but i'm told that bleeding after sex can be a sign of it.

The whole thing's an absolute minefield!

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Ahh right thanks I didn't know that! And yes it is haha so many horrible symptoms. yeh I think I'm going to mention it to a doctor cause since its started happening some of the sharp pains I had before are becoming worse again so perhaps it has come back.. but I didn't think it would so soon since I had my excision laparoscopy only 4 months ago D:


Hi, I just want to add to other replies that bleeding after sex can be a sign of cervical cancer. When was your last pap smear done? You should do another one asap just to exclude that.

I may also be endometriosis, but better to check.

Wish you luck.


I had one approx 6 months ago and it was fine but yeh I'll let my doctor know and he will probably advise that. better to be safe than sorry! Thanks for your message x


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