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pain after sex

Pain after sex is a quite new symptom for me I have only had this pain for the last 3 months and only in the 3-4 days before my period.

I was wondering how this compares to anyone else's experience.

I experience a very severe pain, like a continuous menstrual cramp and go into a cold sweat, sometimes it lasts just a few minutes but once up to 20 minutes. I sound like someone in labour when it starts. Does anyone have any pain relief tips for this scenario?

Sometimes accompanying this pain is a feeling of need to wee and then not being able to, is this common?

Also anyone who has experienced this symptom more than me may be able to tell me of positions which make it worse?

I thought I would ask my questions here instead of bothering doctor google.

Peace and healing thoughts to you all x x

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Hi I get pain after intercourse have had it for sometime and it lasts a few hours I have had the problem with passing water but only on occasions and when I go to wee later it is fine as for pain relief the brufen type are good and naproxen mefanamic acid but I can't take these due to reflux problems but paracetamol and a hot water bottle take the edge of I sympathise this is miserable and is causing me a big problem as I don't want to have intercourse very often cause of this reason hope this helps a bit


Thanks for the response. It helps to know such things. I have reflux problems so will just stick to parcetamol and codeine. I can try a hot water bottle. I am really trying to stop from making me too scared to have sex.



I suffer from endometriosis, and I had pain while having sex since my first time.

I did once had you type of pain and to be honest with you I used canesten thinking it is a bacteria and also changed the type of condoms as I was not helping with the discomfort I feel during intercourse.

I think canesten may be able to help you in case you may have a bacteria and just not know about it. These can be taken even by using public toilets or sometimes due to the washing machine as they grow resistant to the temperature used to wash.

I will ask around as well and if I her anything else I will let you know.

I hope it is just temporarily.

Take care.


I am sure I don't have thrush, thanks for replying :)


Hi the sex pain during and after is a big problem I have had swabs for all sorts of things they are all negative I have a lovely supportive husband but this is starting to put a strain on things as I don't want sex as I know I will be in pain for hours after I'm waiting for another gynaecologist appointment then he said next step is a laparoscopy I do have pain most of the time at the moment


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