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2nd lap on 11th jan

Hi ladies. I had my first op may 2015 and my consultant found serve endometriosis. Since September I have been experiencing real horrible pain on my left side and my periods are exactly the same as before again. In fact each month it gets worse. Me and my hubby are trying for a baby so was told to try zoladex for 2 months to determine endometriosis. The pain went away so my consultant has now booked me in for 2nd lap next Monday. But says this is my last shot really. 😕 as he can't keep operating. So next step if comes back would be coil or hysterectomy. Both options not good for me as trying to get pregnant. I'm really hoping we can get pregnant before it comes to this. Does anyone have any advice in similar situation? I'm also really apprehensive about the lap. Been dealing with this pain and tiredness for so long I'm starting to think it's in my head 😕 xx

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Hi, firstly, the pain is not in your head! Endo pain is very real. Really sorry to hear you're having 2nd lap. I'm in similar situation-ttc and had my first lap October 2015. Now having 3 months of prostap injections to calm down endo before starting IVF. Could you have IVF? Or prostap like me? I've heard lots of stories about women with endo having babies so hopefully there's a chance for us too xx

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You're not alone 😉


Thank u for your reply. My consultant didn't mention ivf as when he did my first lap he checked my ovaries and said I'm producing eggs just fine. We've been trying nearly 3 years. So my husband is getting checked out to. I hope the ivf helps you. It's very frustrating and emotionally draining dealing with endometriosis and trying for a baby. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Will definitely check your blog out xx

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I'm surprised they haven't already checked out your husband that was one of the first tests we had- it might not be you that's the reason you're not pregnant yet. My eggs are producing fine too but they suggested IVF because they wanted to try before any of my endo grew back and we were back to square one. I wish you lots of luck in your journey xx


I have had my surgery and my consultant has removed endometriosis again. Fingers crossed this time round xx


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