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2nd lap found nothing what next?

Hi all just looking for some advice, I was diagnosed with endo in September 2013 was mild and burnt off during the op. Been in constant pain since then and it's been getting worse tried all hormonal contraceptives which just turn me loopy and my body rejected the coil. Had my second lap today which was just awful and they didn't find anything and told me it was my meds causing my pain so the wouldn't give me any pain medication for my recovery. What am I supposed to do now I'm in the process of moving to a new gp and I'm back to work on Thursday as I can't afford any more time off. What is the next step in this as I'm really at the end of my tether, I'm 23 and honestly wondering if all this shit is worth it can't cope anymore. Not looking for sympathy just really need some advice so anything at all is appreciated! X x

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Hi darling, sorry to hear your suffering, and with no answers, that's pretty horrid to cope with, but never give up hope,

Can you tell me if you are being seen in genral gyne dept, if so you need to get a referral to a BSGE centre, you clearly have endo, as it's been diagnosed, so, unfortunately endo can be easerly missed and often is bu gyne surgeons, you need a specialist to go in a thoroughly excise any endo found.

Good luck, xxx


Hi I agree with Tboag. It sounds like you have endo that has been missed. If they only burnt it off last time then it has more than likely grown back. Have a look at the BSGE website and find one near you then go back to GP and say you want a referral to them. Good luck Hun.


Hi sorry to hear what your going through and I understand about the constant pain. I had two operations last after after being diagnosed with Endometriosis ,total abdominal hysterectomy and then they took the ovaries out after the pain consisted

Though then I could get on with my life. Unfortunately the pain has come back with revenge and had an MRI scan which has showed more endometriosis so looks like it was missed from first and second operation so if I was you ask for an MRI and a second opinion.


I agree with tbog I think general gynaecology often miss areas were areas are I had my lap in January last year and I had aheadions in my pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb but endo should only be dealt with in a endometriosis specialist centre I would go on the bsge website and c if there is accredited centre in your area or near u but don't be fobbed off like what I have I wish u the best of luck and let me know how u get on xx


Thanks for all your replies! I have mainly been seen by general gynes, I have had one appointment with the endo specialist after the general gyne burnt it off on my first op - The specialist said that was it and nothing would grow any more and discharged me. I'm pretty sure it's in my pouch of douglas as I have the symptoms pointing towards that but with yesterdays op I know bugger all, they didn't say if they took any pictures and they only made incisions in my belly button and just above my pubic bone I know I'm not a surgeon but surely having 2 incisions near my hips would allow them to see a much better area that just one in the center? I live down in Cornwall and they have the Accredited Center where I just had my op but not sure if I should push to go back to them as the last time he was just horrible and made me think I was crazy (he's the one who discharged me and said it was nothing). Im thinking of paying for a abdominal MRI scan but no idea how to go about it or how much it would be. Really hoping my new GP may actually give a damn and get to the bottom of this xxxxxxxxxxx


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