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4 weeks off to recover from Lap too long?


I was due to return to work today following a lap 3 weeks ago, but I spent all night in agony with horrible cramps and hardly slept at all. Back to the Doctors this morning who told me that because I have my period now it is causing post op inflammation due to all the "rummaging about" they do looking for endo during the op. She has signed me off for another week and given me strong pain killers. I am dreading telling work. Is 4 weeks off for a lap normal? it sounds way longer than I had hoped or wanted and so worried about all the work I have building up in my absence! On top of that I am feeling incredibly sore and tired.

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Yes it is normal, it entirely depends on what you had done inside. Not how big the holes are.

A diagnostic look and see only is much quicker to recover from, but the more you have been poked, prodded, stabbed, lasered, tugged and knocked around generally the longer it will take as your body has a huge amount of healing to do probably in several places.

Your doc doesn't think you are fit to return to work, else they wouldn't have signed you off. There is no point returning too soon and having a set back and taking even more time off.

Everyone heals at their own pace and getting used to how the body is working after surgery is not an overnight revelation.

6,8 or 10 weeks is not unusual either. If you get an infection in any of the holes that can take even longer to recover from, months even.

Take it easy and don't stress, as that doesn't help you and there is nothing you can do about the situation. Look after yourself first and foremost. I'm quite sure you have struggled in to work hundreds of times in the past when you really shouldn't as most of us endo ladies have.


Yes its totally normal. It depends on how extensive the work they have done inside was and of course depends on the person how quickly recovers.

It took me 4 full weeks to go out and about after my 1st lap, my first period was excrutiating.

So no worries, take your time, relax and let your body heal. :)

Jo xx


After my first op I had problems with infections and originally thought I would be back at work within 4 weeks but it took me more than double that time before I felt able! After my second, however I felt ok to return to work after 4 weeks and my work were happy to allow me a couple of weeks on half days and were very supportive!

Think it just completely depends on how you feel and I hope your work are as supportive as mine was!

Take care and relax and try not push yourself too hard too soon :)

Hope this helps

Carolyn xx

thank you for the advice, and it's good to have the reassurance that I'm not the only one taking so long to get over this! - and yes, I have dragged myself into work so many times I have lost count, feeling terrible when really I should have been at home (quite a few times before I even knew I had endo but looking back now realise what was going on!)

Sadly my work isn't very supportive, and my boss hasn't even tried to contact me or reply to any of my emails since I have been off. It's quite hurtful, so I am trying not to feel guilty or worry too much. But I do know the longer I am off the harder it's going to be to go back & the bigger the pile of work! Ah well, I work in a school (admin) so it's only 3 weeks until Easter break thank goodness!

mixiemoonie in reply to molly69


my situation is very similar to yours, i am also recovering from Lap and hystoscopy which i had done nearly two weeks ago. I was very sore, bruised and swollen and expected to have a couple of days off work to recover but i'm now in my second week off and really panicking about work as i also work in a school environment. I too am having my period at the moment so it's helpful to know that this is causing post op inflammation pains, however i'm also experiencing slight vertigo (completely new to me) which my doctor has given me meds for and i'm on strict instructions not to drive or work. My Lap showed signs of old endo (scar tissue) which my surgeon removed and i had a polyp removed from inside the womb, mirenia coil fitted , and a diagnosis of Adenomyosis now. Been told if coil doesn't work then Hysterectomy recommended. I wish you well in your recovery xx

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