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Diet Help Please!


I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of a good website regarding Wheat/Gluten Free Diet, or if anyone has any useful advice on it?

Had my lap for endo 2 weeks ago tomorrow, but I still keep feeling bloated after eating (not because I'm pigging out either!) - I cut out any Lactose containing Dairy Products a while ago, which I do think has helped a bit, but I'm just wondering whether Wheat or Gluten might be to blame for bloatedness, so any advice & tips would be much appreciated (I have got Dian Shepperson Mills' Book, but I find the whole cutting out & alternatives thing a bit mind-boggling).

Hope someone can help :-)

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I am coeliac and had my lap on 18th December and am still bloated, I find that drinking Peppermint tea is helping.

I stick religiously to my gluten free diet so I would say unless you get a diagnosis, don't go cutting out food groups, especially as if you end up needing to get diagnosed with coeliac disease you have to have enough gluten in your system to get a positive diagnosis.

I would say try and ditch white bread, pasta and such and try small amounts of wholemeal with plenty of fluids.

But if you think trying gluten free might help go to the coeliac uk site, it's really helpful, I guess it's more eating clean than gluten free unless you're going to get the bread and pasta, but seriously don't cause it's not very nice! And I would reintroduce it slowly if you find cutting it doesn't help.

My bloated gut is making me depressed, still can't get my jeans on and am sick of wearing leggings, I swear when my kids go back to school tomorrow if anyone asks me if I'm pregnant I'll be throwing punches!

Hope you feel better soon xxxx and I'm sorry if I sound condescending, but a friend of mine was very unwell and she was cutting gluten out and then eating it and couldn't get diagnosed, then she did the gluten challenge and she got down to 6 stone thru being ill, but had she have just kept eating it she'd have been sorted much sooner


Thanks for replying!

I'm drinking peppermint & green tea like it's going out of fashion! :-)

No, thank you for being honest - websites don't tell you that sort of thing & that really sounds nasty about your friend :-( We do try & have mostly wholemeal pasta & bread, & to be honest I don't eat a huge amount of bread, but sauces with flour, cakes/biscuits etc (darn having a sweet tooth!!), so I guess it would probably be easier if I were to just cut back on things like that, or perhaps try using some wholemeal flour instead of white (can you make sauces out of wholemeal flour???)

Tell me about it - I love my sweatpants, but makes me feel like such a slob! I should hide under a big coat ;-)

Thanks for your advice, I hope your bloated tummy goes down soon too xx

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Is there anything other than tea I could try for my bloated belly?? I just don't do tea or coffee, I only drink water or (yes I know it's not good for me!) fizzy drinks!! Never really been one for hot drinks!!



Apparently you can get Peppermint Oil which you can dilute into water (hot definitely, but not 100% sure about cold!) or peppermint capsules which you can take... The hospital told me about that & also Milk of Magnesium apparently!

What about Shloer? I know it's still fizzy... whether it's any better for you than normal fizz I wouldn't know, but variety is the spice of life anyway!

Oh & try to keep moving around as that helps it to go down too!

Hope it helps a bit! xx


I was given peppermint caps once before when they doctor believed I had IBS... They had a very adverse effect in my rear end.... not very pleasant and I got a very sore back passage from it!! Maybe I could find so milder caps to try??

Yes I try to move about as much as possible during the day, but it is all pain depending!!



Oh crumbs, don't try those then! Maybe the Milk of Magnesium would be a safer option? I didn't get any of them as my gas pain / bloating went down in the end!

Yes, I know what you mean... it isn't easy to find the energy if you're in pain & tired post-op :-( I'm still struggling to keep energy up now & I'm nearly 3 weeks post-op... the joys of endo!

Hope you can find something that works for you soon x

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Yeah might give that ago!!



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