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Endo and diet


I'm new here, I've been suffering with Endo for over 10years, I've had 2 open surgeries and 3 laps. I have now gone on to the mirena coil and it's been 3 weeks since my last lap. Over the years I have given up tea, coffee, I barely drink alcohol. I gave up dairy 7 months ago, I'm now on a path to give up gluten. There's a lot of info out there on diet and Endo and its all a bit overwhelming. Can anyone recommend any good websites, blogs for this? Has anyone had any experience of altering their diet to manage pain and reduce symptoms? Are there any good naturapaths in the UK?

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I have just joined this site and had a similar question about diet. I'm currently cutting dairy out of my diet but find there is so much information and not all of it says the same thing.

How have you coped with cutting dairy? I have only been doing it for 10 days but already miss cheese, cream and yoghurt.


I think the only thing I really miss is cheese. For other things there are alternatives, coconut milk, dairy free yoghurt, avocado ice-cream or sorbets. With the whole cheese thing- considering I was a cheese addict, I now don't buy cheese, and there is none in the house, but occasionally if I am at a friends for dinner or out and I fancy a dish that contains cheese I will have it and get back on the wagon the next day. Giving up so many things all at once can be hard and my personal view is if I am on it 95% if the time thats better than not trying! There are vegan cheeses of course but I think they have been processed too much, so I go with real cheese two or three times a year!


Cheese is definitely my biggest vice. I love a cheese board. I haven't tried vegan cheese but might try to give it a go.


Hi All

I was advised by a nutritionist to try goats milk,cheese etc as much better to digest. There's some really nice cheeses on the market. Apparently goats milk is similar to human milk .. Eg ' nanny goat.

Not sure any Endo diet allows diary but I believe it's a good compromise.



Diet massively improved pain for me. I eat gluten free products, tastes the same but doesn't give you any discomfort or pain! I don't eat a lot of dairy. Still drink coffee (wouldn't be able to go without, haha) don't really drink alcohol.

My pain used to be constant, every single day. I had the mirena fitted at the end of March and it was the best thing I ever had done. It took a few weeks to settle but now I have no pain and can do so much more things I never could. I never want it taken out!! Good luck :).


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