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Endo diet.. gluten free


Just wanted to ask if anyone has tried the endo diet?

Diagnosed a month ago & have cut out gluten & feel so much better. So strange.. but i did try a non gluten wrap to test my body to see how it reacted. It was horrendous. The pain & discomfort. If anyone hasn't tried it, I would say give it ago.

Gluten free products do cost abit more but my stomach & hormones are so different.

Anyone any tips on foods that's worked for them?


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I'm gluten free and dairy free and it does help, it does cost more but as I say health is much more important. Don't get me wrong I still have bad days but gluten and dairy even if it's just a trace make me double over in pain and make my symptoms so much worse xx

hi. Sorry you've got endometriosis it's a bit pants but loads of help and advice on here.

the Endo diet made a huge difference to me. I was sceptical it was my hubby who found out about it. Started it end of January and was very strict. I find pasta even gluten free is a no go it just doesn't agree with me!! I still get pain and my periods still put me in bed for a few days but not the 7 days they used to. I recently had to have a week in hospital with a problem with a cyst and I found I could eat normal bread and yogurt with out much pain but I've gone back to the full diet now I'm home.

I do miss sweet things but I find the odd treat is ok now my body is more balanced.

have you read the Endo diet book?



I have been wondering about changing my diet, I was diagnosed with endo stage 3 last week but for months now I have had stomach ache and bloating pretty much every day and it does get you down. I was thinking of going to my doctor and asking for a referral to a nutritionalist however reading your comments I definitely think I need to try gluten free first. I'll do some research on the endo diet too. X

I'm gluten free and reduced dairy and sugary things. It seems to help a lot. I try to eat as much fresh fish, fruit & veg as possible. I feel lots better when I do. 👍🏻 Xxx

I think I'm definitely going to give this a go . I'm really struggling at the moment with hip and back pain and generally run down with it and having a busy two year old could really do with being on better form . I'd be interested in any tips as well .


Yes cutting down on gluten helps with my pain :-)

There seems to be a link between endo and candida, so a diet that combats candida will help. I went on a low carb diet and it made a huge difference. If you click on my name and go to my profile then choose the option to see my past posts, you'll find one on candida, there's a lot more detail there.

Babydusttoall in reply to NW248

Thanks so much, going to check it out now xx

hi, it's definitely worth a try and you can get gluten free bread, cereal etc. It probably doesn't help everyone but the constant tummy ache, bloated feeling and bowel issues are a thing of the past and only occur if something has snuck in. I have started to have the odd bit cow's milk when the goat milk runs out and it doesn't agrivate my pain so I think you have to explore with it and see what works for your body. Is also been good for the whole family as we eat less sweet things and are 5 year old seems happy to try new things which makes it easier.

good luck and I hope it helps. Cx

Glad it's working for you. I got allergy tested and have cut out all that I am intolerant to including gluten, dairy and yeast. It's been 2 months with no difference yet but I'm on zolodex and hrt and I suspect they are interfering with the changes. IVe had horrendous nausea so eating little for 2 weeks, along with bloating, swelling, heartburn and indigestion which is getting worse. At least it's not as bad yet as when I was on cerazette. Have my 4th injection Tuesday. I'll be interested to see what happens after 6 months as I can't take the zolodex for any longer and they won't operate as too complex and risky.

I have not tried it.

However I would advise caution when it comes to gluten-free diet.

Healthy individuals (as in those who don't suffer from coeliac disease) actually need gluten. Do your research before attempting gluten-free diet. And most importantly, speak to the doctor, get tested.

Bloating after eating pasta or bread may be a sing of a wheat allergy.

I am completely gluten free and it's the best thing I did for my illness. Also went to a Chinese healthcare and they did me an allergy test. It helps me to identify when I've ate something that doesn't agree with me and makes me feel very ill. Also cut down massively on dairy. Use almond milk more in my diet and it seems to have also helped. All these lifestyle changes are more costly but better health is definitely more important.

Interestingly my Fertility consultant who found and treated my endometriosis also recommended I went gluten free and lactose free -there is a link between gluten and lactose intolerance and endometriosis. My endometriosis was in my pouch of Douglas- which caused me problems with my bowels- and having suffered severe chronic pain in my lower left abdominal side I went dairy free and it did reduce the amount of endo attacks. As it's a medical condition I wonder if the NHS can issue contributions towards it? Just a thought. X

I have Eno and fibro I find sourcrout helps and honey not sugar oats for fibre cranberry juice and seafood iodine keeps you young fresh squeezed apple and orange apple for digestion and orange vit c salmon and capers

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