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Gonapeptyl for Endometriosis before IVF: where can I find detailed evidence?

Hi everyone,

I'm on the hunt for any studies that demonstrate the effect of Gonapeptyl depot (triptorelin) injections on endometriosis so that I can try to make a sensible decision about IVF.

Quick background: I have stage IV endo that regrows quickly after surgery. I am part way though my 1st IVF cycle with one embryo (frostie) to transfer. My fertility consultant has recommended a 12 week course of Gonapeptyl before ET. I understand that this is supposed to reduce 'endometriosis inflammation' and consequently increase the chances of implantation.

I've had the 1st depot injection and the side-effects I'm experiencing are debilitating. It goes without saying that I would do whatever it takes for the chance of a successful pregnancy. However, I feel that 3 months of physical stress - inc. racing heart/tachycardia, extreme nausea and vomiting (so poor diet), as well as endocrine disruption - may well cancel out any benefits.

At the moment, I don't have anywhere near enough information to make a reliable, informed decision.

There seem to be many sources that provide an overview of how Gonapeptyl (or other GnRH agonists) suppress oestrogen production, and that state that reduced oestrogen starves endometrial tissue. However, I can't find any substantial quantitative or qualitative results!

Does anybody know of any published papers or articles that would cover this? Any suggestions or links would be amazing.

Thanks so much for reading


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