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Does anyone know where I can pay for a private MRI scan.Would Endo affecting my kidney even show on a scan, or would I need a lap?

I was diagnosed with Endo maybe 6 years ago when I had a lap to remove both my tubes and cysts on my ovaries prior to starting ivf.

I haven't had any success with ivf, using my own or DE.

Every month I get quite severe, debilitating pain in my left flank (lower back) that keeps causing me to feel faint, faint, sickness, shaking, bedrest etc.

At these points I can take between 3x 50mg of tramadol a day or 4x 50mg of Tramadol and a 100mg of slow release Tramadol before I try and get to bed when the pain reaches it's worst. I only get this pain a week before my period (which lasts upto 3-4 days) and then for the first 2-3 days of my period. Maybe a week of severe pain every month which makes me think it may be the Endo.

I've told my old GP, locum, Ivf clinic and even the hospital who refused to do an MRI scan or anything more except an ultrasound which was inconclusive. The hospital just told me "the good news is, if you get pregnant you won't get this pain". That was 6 years ago.

Does anyone know where I can pay for a private MRI scan that would tell me exactly what it is?

Would Endometriosis affecting my kidney even show on an MRI or scan, or would I have to have a lap to diagnose this?

I am hoping to start IVF again in November. Am currently on Levothyroxine for Thyroid Function. I just want to be well enough for it to work and be successful.

Many thanks xx

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My endometriosis was diagnosed by MRI, when I was in hospital with my legs they did a full body MRI which specialist Neuro surgeons picked up on, they were not even looking for that as I was due a lap anyway so not sure if they need to specialise in it to see it but it does show x


Thanks for sharing your experience. I know something is wrong. I just wish I could 'find out if it would affect my chances of carrying a baby full term'. I don't want to leave it until I end up losing a kidney just ticking along month after month. At least I know now that an MRI would show Endo if they are looking for it. Thank you for your reply. I hope someone is able to tell me where I can get one done private. Best wishes xx


Music1, be careful, though - endo can't be seen with MRI imaging, only the telltale results. For example I haven't had my lap done yet but my pelvic MRI showed that I have 'kissing ovaries,' ovaries that are stuck together by scar tissue. This plus cysts on my ovaries and a shadow of a fibroid on my uterus all told my surgeon that I have endo, but the endo itself remains invisible.

From my symptoms, I'm also suspicious that I may have kidney damage -- my doc mentioned that pelvic MRI can't see the kidneys very well. So in my pre-op appointment I'm going to ask them to give my kidneys an extra going-over(!).

Best of luck to you!


Thanks for telling me about this. I thought an MRI would tell me what damage it had done, and also the extent of the Endo and position etc.

I've never had anything done but an ultrasound. My GP and hospital refused an MRI or CT scan saying it was probably just IBS as it was not chronic pain (I only have severe pain, a week before my period and during). I know something is really wrong. When I had my lap (5yrs ago?) they diagnosed Endo and removed my tubes and said there was a bunch of damage inside but he was a fertility consultant linked to my ivf clinic. Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it. I hope all goes well with your lap x


Iv lost my right kidney to Endo. I also had very bad pain up my right flank for s while. I only put 2 + 2 together when I went for my over 40s routine health check st GP and my kidney function blood test came back abnormal. At that point I went back to my consultant with my concerns. They did a kidney ultrasound scan which shows if the kidney is distended or not. They also did a specialist test of kidney function (can't remember the name) where they monitor how the kidneys filter fluid. This gives a more accurate picture of any damage to function. If you are concerned listen to your gut instinct and keep going back. They can at least start with kidney function blood tests. Don't let things go too far like I did Good luck x


So sorry to hear you've lost your kidney to Endo. I knew it was possible. My old GP left the surgery and we've been left with locums who change every few days and are reluctant to test or refer for anything. Last time I went into the GP in extreme pain and saw a locum I was told 'take paracetamol and ibruprofen' - if it's that bad go to the hospital. I left in tears. Thanks for your suggestions on tests etc. It gives me an idea of what to ask for and what they can do. I really appreciate it. Many thanks xx


Are you being seen at a bsge centre or by general gynae?


Hi joreilly, I'm not being seen by anyone. I don't know what a bsge centre is. I started ivf years ago, and was told I needed my tubes removed as one of them was blocked and they couldn't see the other - also I had cysts on my ovaries. I was referred by my GP to a gynae at the local hospital who wanted to remove my ovaries and everything. I explained I wanted to surgery to start ivf so why would I consider losing my ovaries. She said I knew best, and I went private. Anyhow, during the lap they found endo.

I am waiting to see an Endocrynologist about my raised Thyroid levels and antibodies, although I've been experiencing this 'kidney pain' for years my GP has done nothing.


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