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Endometrioma removal and IVF response?

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Currently waiting for my 3rd laproscopy. 1st was to drain a painful endometrioma (8cm) of my right ovary, 2nd to have the endometrioma excised as it filled up and grew even larger (10-12cm).

I now have 4 endometriomas on this same ovary (biggest two are 3.5cm each) and made the decision to have them removed again prior to doing a second cycle of IVF. The decision is difficult, but I'm forced to have surgery ASAP due to already being in a constant state of bad pain from this ovary.

I'm looking for feedback on ladies who have had one or more endometriomas removed prior to IVF, and how their ovaries responded?

I have been told the surgery will probably cause damage to my ovary and it may not respond at all to the IVF drugs, so wondered how others had faired.

My first IVF was prior to any surgery and my ovary responded really well, despite having a 4-5cm endometrioma on it. But this was nearly 4 years ago and I'm also nearing 40 later this year.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hey, I don't have experience of this (yet) I am due to have a lap at the end of next week to remove 3 cysts and a polyp. At least 1 cyst is an endometrioma. We've not been put on the ivf waiting list yet but I am aware that this is a very likely outcome in the near future. I really just wanted to wish you well for your surgery and ivf. I hope someone here has had a happy outcome. Xx

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Flowerpotts in reply to luce_26

Thanks for replying... I wish you luck for your lap next week! Really hope you don't end up needing IVF (and one of the lucky ones to fall naturally after the lap) thanks. It's been a long road and frustrating road. IVF, though hard, was worth trying for us. We managed to get a really good number of embryos, but they just didn't stick. I had 3 'chemical' pregnancies using frozen embryos, where I got faint positive tests before going on to bleed several days later. So although it didn't work for us, it's given me some hope it might next time. Good luck x

I had a 5cm endometrioma removed from my left ovary prior to my successful IVF cycle. Believe it or not, my left ovary responded amazingly after the surgery and we got ten eggs retrieved from it and five from my untouched right ovary. From those eggs collectively I have a 10 month old son and 5 frozen blastocysts. Like you I was scared about having the surgery but I was also in terrible pain and had no option. But in the end the surgeon was as careful as possible and it paid off. I hope it does for you too.

Wishing you every luck x

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Flowerpotts in reply to Batfoss

Aw, I'm so glad IVF worked for you... How strange your left ovary worked better than the one left alone at surgery! Thanks for replying to me. I wish you luck with your frozen embryos too.... Frozen cycles are sooooo much easier on your body and they do work. I have lots of friends who had successful frozen cycles. I managed to get 3 frozen cycles with my 9 frozen embryos... Sadly all ended in 'chemical' pregnancies.

My surgeon is head of the endo clinic and head of the fertility clinic, so I do think he will be thinking of both aspects when he operates. I hope he does his very best to save my ovaries from too much damage x

Hi I have had 2 laparoscopys so far, both to remove endometriomas, I had a round of IVF 3 weeks after my 2nd op and did not respond well, however my ovaries appear polycystic too and think that's most likely why I did not respond well. So they said they were going to try different drugs as hopefully it respond better. Shortly after that round my marriage broke down, he left for someone else. So I am currently waiting to go for surgery again as my cysts are incredibly painful, but my surgeon wants me to wait to get my IVF start date, so I am off to clinic with my other half on 11th March. Let me know how you get on as you history is very similar to mine. Wishing you all the best xxxx

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Flowerpotts in reply to B4bexs

Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm sorry your experience with IVF after surgery wasn't a good one. It must have been disappointing to not respond well last time... But I hope for your next cycle a change in drugs will help that.

I sympathise about the cyst pain... So I hope your surgery relieves this.

The pain last time, just prior to surgery (as I had to wait nearly 5 months) was hurrendous. My cyst was a whopping 10-12cm. I suspect the rate mine are growing again I will end up in a similar state 😢.

I will Defo post as to how surgery goes and then IVF, if we manage another cycle after. You take care and hope your surgery goes well too x


I have an endometrioma on my right ovary , I had it 'dealt' with (not excised) I think may only have been drained on the first occasion , then ablated on the 2nd lap.

I had this done prior to my 1st IVf then again in between my 2nd and 3rd IVF treatments.

On my 3rd IVF I had my laparoscopy in the January was on Zoladex for 3 months then started my IVF , however it was already back by the time of my lining scans.( The same the first time too). The clinic were not overly concerned with its presence , they just monitor it during Stimming. As you probably know having already done IVF.

My right ovary produced a third of the eggs that my left ovary did after ablation. ( only 4 compared to 12 on the left)

But it's quality over quantity at the end of the day.

If they are causing you constant pain ,then I hope they manage to give you some relief.

Good luck with your IVF I hope it all goes well xx

Hey. These cysts are just awful, and hate that they can return and so soon after surgery. I fear I will be plagued with them forever more. It's good that even though your right ovary performed less well, it still produced 4 eggs. Yes, it's not always quantity that's important.

sadly, I know I have to have surgery as my pain is quickly worsening..and I remember the pain of going through IVF with just one endometrioma (with 4 I don't stand a chance)

I also wish you good luck if you are having any further cycles of IVF, or just trying naturally (if that's an option). Thanks for your post.

Thanks flowerpotts

I am just about to have another Op in April then I will use my last two frozen blasts.

Then I need a bigger op after to deal with my endo as in daily pain now for a year and a half due to endo on sacral ligaments causing constant sciatic pain.

But they have said do last IVF first .

I have adenomyosis now too and am about to turn 43 next week😟

anyhow if there is a will there is a way, I have had 3 years off IVF after a miscarriage think I was so scared of that happening again I went into hiding from it and the heartache.

But brave enough now to give it my parting shot. (I think 🙄)

I hope you get some pain relief and then of course your babies 💕 Goodluck Hun lots of baby dust xx✨💫


Just curious as your post was a while ago... my story is quite similar to yours. how do you cope with the adenomyosis on top of the endo?

It's so difficult..you want your body to be as ready as possible, but 'what if' always goes through your head.

I've had 2 laparoscopies with laser removal from various places including both ovaries, but was advised all looks good in regards to ovaries/tubes.

When it came to the IVF clinic doing an AMH blood test, I was told that my result was low for my age and he would almost expect that from having endo and the laparoscopies.

Did you have an AMH previously? I would be interested to see what the difference would be before and after surgery, although I doubt they would run this test so soon after each other?!

It might just mean that your dosage will have to be higher to get a better response.

My first cycle follicle wise got 6 on left and 11 on right.

The second round, left had 2 and 8 on right.

Round two meds started lower due to mild ohss on first round, but the outcome wasn't as good overall.

I would say, if you are living with constant pain then it's worth having the op before, but it might be a good idea to speak to your consultant too?

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Red1981 in reply to Hollibob

Hi, I might be able to tell you the answer to this! I've just had my AMH levels tested, its come back at 8 pmol and I'm hoping to go in for laprascopy surgery if i can convince the specialist to refer me because my endometriomas are less than 3 cms she wants me to go straight in for ivf.

Hi. I haven't had a AMH test (as far as I recall) so not sure about my levels.

My age is against me as I will be 40 this year, and although I was o lay diagnosed in 2012, I'm sure I've have endo for many years.

I also had mild ohss on my first round of IVF. (That was not fun) so not sure if they will do the same drugs etc next time round.

My consultant at the endo clinic is also the head of the fertility clinic, and he wanted me to do IVF first initially. But after the scan showing the cysts and me explaining the pain, he agreed to do the surgery. Sadly thinks my endo is very servers from. Ones and surgery photos so he is making me an appointment with the bowel surgeon too as he thinks my bowel is involved.

Don't know if you are thinking of more IVF, but good luck if you do have another cycle x

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